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Between the Sheets

We change the way you sleep.

Choosing the Right Duvet

We get it - shopping for a new duvet can be intimidating, especially when you've got a range of options at your fingertips. But fear not! We've put together this handy flowchart to help narrow down your options and get you well on your way to a better sleep. So which... Read More

Colour Therapy: Taupe

Taupe is one of those classic colours that never goes out of style. It can be cool or warm, with either grey or golden undertones, which makes it the perfect neutral. It's also the colour of natural linen, one of our favourite fabrics for spring. Here's a roundup of our current Taupe collections:... Read More

Introducing Our Spring Window

It may not feel like it quite yet, but spring is in the air! We've switched out our warm and cozy winter window with a light and breezy spring display. Take a look below to get in the zone; spring will be in full bloom before you know it. Which bed... Read More

Colour Therapy: The Blues

If you're familiar with the Au Lit aesthetic, you already know that we adore just about any shade of pale blue - Skylight, Airforce, Mist and, our current crush, Mineral. Our signature blue leans towards grey; it's sophisticated and never babyish. (Check out our Farrow & Ball Skylight walls at both stores.)  ... Read More

Bed Makeover: How to Save $$$

There's no way around it: quality will cost you, and good quality bedding is no exception. We know this can make the idea of a bed refresh overwhelming, but fear not! We've compiled a list of money saving tips to help you get the most value out of your bedding... Read More

Headboard Alternatives

For those who don't have a full bed frame, a headboard is an excellent way to round out your bedroom space, adding height and visual interest to the bed. That said, a headboard certainly isn't necessary; we completely understand some folks' hesitation to invest in a pricey piece they'll have to... Read More

Colour Therapy

Your bedroom is your haven. It's where you go to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. (And also to sleep!) The colours you choose for your bedroom are ultimately a very personal choice and the options are endless. So how do you choose?  Colour plays an important role in our lives, affecting our... Read More

Stay In Bed This Valentine's Day

I don't know about you but the idea of going out for a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day sends me into a panic. Let's be real, trying to find a table on February 14th can be challenging. So what else can you do? We think hanging out in bed all... Read More

Beautiful Beds: Romantic Beds

It's the season of love, and the bedroom no doubt is one of the most romantic spaces in the house. In this addition of Beautiful Beds we've rounded up some of the most romantic beds we've found our hearts pitter-pattering over. What struck us first was the simplicity of this... Read More

Q&A: What's Lavato?

If you've been into the shop or poked around the website, you may have noticed that a handful of our collections include the word "lavato" in their name. If you're wondering what on earth that means, you're not alone. The answer, luckily, is a simple one: "lavato" is the Italian word for... Read More

How To Wash Your Down Duvet

With proper use of a duvet cover, your down duvet can go years without a wash, but that certainly doesn't make it immune to accidents. Should your down duvet find itself in need of a good sudsing, we recommend the following washing instructions: Wash the duvet on a gentle or... Read More

Q&A: Do People Still Use Bedskirts?

  Q: Do people still use bedskirts? A: A resounding YES!   If your bed rests on a boxspring and metal frame, a bedskirt is a must for hiding the "skeleton" of your beautiful bed. Don't panic though! The frills and ruffles oft associated with bedskirts are a thing of... Read More