Au Lit Fine Linens is proud to produce exceptional quality bedding that is designed to stand the test of time, but even the highest quality sheets will eventually need replacing. Most local curbside recycling programs will not accept textiles for recycling, relegating this type of material to a lifetime in a landfill. Au Lit is committed to seeing our product through end-of-life and doing our part to combat the global waste crisis, so where do we go from here?

With the launch of the Au Lit Fine Linens Sheet Recycling Program, we will now accept your well-loved Au Lit bed linens* back for recycling once they have reached the end of their use. Au Lit is utilizing TerraCycle’s Zero Waste program to facilitate the recycling of our sheeting into a host of ready-to-use materials, from cushion fill to impact resistant flooring. TerraCycle is an incredible organization dedicated to developing solutions for complex hard-to-recycle materials in an effort to keep trash out of landfills and we are proud to be taking this step with them.

Our goal is to ensure that Au Lit sheets never end up in a landfill again.

Here's how it works:

  1. Visit our midtown store (2049 Yonge St.) or Design District store (147 Tycos Dr.) to drop off your clean, well-loved Au Lit bed linens* and/or towels* for recycling. We are happy to accept items for recycling via mail as well! Contact for return-for-recycling instructions.
  2. Once our recycling palette is full, it will be sent to a local Material Recovery Facility
  3. Materials are sorted based on characteristics and composition to ensure proper processing
  4. The materials are cleaned in preparation for processing into usable forms
  5. Finally, the textiles are processed; fabrics will typically be shredded and then made into a raw material before being re-purposed into usable materials, such as gym floors, insulation, and stuffing for cushions.

We can all sleep better knowing that we’re doing our part.

*We are only accepting Au Lit branded bed linens and towels back for recycling at this time. Unfortunately filled products such as pillows, duvets, and featherbeds are not yet approved for this recycling stream.