How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Luxurious Spa Retreat
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How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Luxurious Spa Retreat

Is there anything better than a spa day? If your idea of a dream day is unwinding at a luxury spa, lounging in a cozy robe, and pampering yourself with indulgent treatments, you're not alone. 

Here's the good news: you don't need to spend all of your time (or paycheck) at fancy wellness retreats to get the same restful, spa-like feeling. By making a few simple updates to your bathroom at home, you can transform your space into your own peaceful oasis to escape the stress of everyday life. 

Don't worry, you won't have to invest in a full-scale remodel to create the relaxing retreat of your dreams. By incorporating a few simple elements - like spa-inspired towels, robes, and home decor accessories - you can transform any space into your own calming haven. Follow along as we highlight the five essential pieces you'll need to create your own spa-like sanctuary. 

1. The right towels are key

The one thing every luxury spa has in common? An abundance of plush, cozy towels in easy reach, either folded or rolled. 

To create that zen, spa-like atmosphere, remove your old, mismatched towels and swap in a set of high-quality, luxurious towels in a cohesive colour scheme. There's no better investment than good towels; with proper care, they'll last for years (even with everyday use) and look beautiful enough to display.

What are the best towels for my bathroom?

If you want to invest in high-quality towels that will last, look for ones crafted from premium natural materials like 100% long-staple cotton. These will be the most durable, and will last for years while maintaining their absorption. 

If you like the feeling of thick, plush towels on your skin, our bestselling Au Lit Luxe Towels are hotel-quality towels with large loops, and are incredibly absorbent. Made in Portugal from 100% long-staple cotton, they come in a variety of soothing spa-like tones. They're perfect for giving your bathroom that boutique hotel-feel. 

Au Lit Luxe Towels


For those who prefer a more lightweight towel, we always recommend the Portofino Micro-Cotton Towels. A lighter and thinner option than the Au Lit Luxe, this fast-drying towel offers incredible absorption while still being cozy. Spun from super-soft micro cotton and made in Portugal. 

Portofino Micro-Cotton Towels


Read here for our top tips on how to care for your towels and extend their lifespan. 


Explore unexpected colour palettes

While spas typically use white towels, this does NOT mean that you need them to get the spa look! Think outside the box, and consider a colour scheme that suits your unique taste and your bathroom decor style. 

To create a calming, soothing experience, we love using earth toned-towels that bring the feeling of the outside in - think of the soft blue of the sky, warm sand, or earthy green of plants. Incorporating a peaceful, natural colour palette will allow your senses to relax. 

If you're looking to create a truly custom experience for your bathroom, we can help. Not only are our Abyss Super Pile Towels an ultra-luxurious hotel-style towel, they're also able to be custom ordered in your choice of 50 shades! Made from the highest quality 100% Giza Egyptian cotton available on the market, these luxurious towels are incredibly soft and fluffy.

Abyss Super Pile Towels


Bath Towels vs. Bath Sheets: which one is the best?

Did you know that there are two towel sizes options for drying off your body? While they ultimately perform the same function, the size that you choose is purely personal preference. 

The term bath sheet refers to an extra-large, generously-sized towel that you use to dry your body (our Au Lit Luxe bath sheets measure in at 38" x 60"). If you love to be extra-warm and cozy after a shower or are on the taller side, you'll love drying off with the extra fabric a bath sheet provides. Many hotels and spas stock their bathrooms with bath sheets for the ultimate luxurious experience. 

Bath towels are the smaller in size of the two options (our Au Lit Luxe bath towels are sized at 28" x 55"). Their more compact size means that they can dry you off more quickly, and they're lighter in weight and easier to hang. They're much easier to handle and their smaller size is more multifunctional for things like drying your hair. 

How to display towels in your bathroom

Now that you've decided which towel type and size is right for your bathroom, you can decide how you'd like to store them. While spas typically keep rows of neatly-lined towels at hand, we also love the option of hanging or rolling them. 

Watch our video to learn two easy ways to fold or roll your bathroom towels. 

Textured towels are a great option for those who love to use towels as a design detail in their bathroom. Our Washed Cotton-Bamboo Waffle Towels feature a unique loose waffle texture and fringe detail that's equally as beautiful to look at as it is functional. 

Washed Cotton-Bamboo Waffle Towels


2. Add warmth with a bath mat

One element you might be overlooking? A great bath mat. More than just a practical piece that keeps your floor from getting too wet, a bath mat adds warmth and coziness to your bathroom and provides comfort for your feet (especially during the cold winter months!). 

Soften your space with a bathroom rug made from super-soft, natural fibres. Our Habidecor Reversible Rug is made from humidity-friendly 100% cotton and is nice and comfy for your feet. We love that it comes in six serene and spa-inspired shades. 

Habidecor Reversible Bath Mat


3. Get comfy with a spa robe

A must-have for every home spa? A soft and comfy spa robe. The most comfortable - and long-lasting - robes are made from 100% natural fibres, like cotton or linen. Look for one that's easy to launder and care for, especially if you love to unwind with often-messy face or hair masks. 

Our Organic Cotton Terry Robe is the ultimate spa robe, made from 100% pure organic cotton terry. Plush and indulgent, lounging in this cozy and luxurious robe is the next best thing to actually being at the spa. 

Organic Cotton Terry Robe

 If you prefer a robe that's more lightweight, our Spa White Waffle Robe is a modern take on the classic spa robe. This robe features a unique washed waffle texture that's breathable but still manages to feel cozy and warm. 

Spa White Waffle Robe


4. Embrace the power of scent

Luxury spas and hotels have long utilized the power of scent to evoke emotion and memory association. Scents aren't just for making a space smell pretty - they're that extra component needed to truly transport your space. 

Look for bath products with scents that induce a feeling of calmness and relaxation, to help you unwind after the longest of days. Bergamot is believed to reduce anxiety and increase feelings of peacefulness. Our Paloma Bergamot Linen Candle smells heavenly, and the organic clay vessel it comes in makes a beautiful accessory for your bathroom.

Paloma Bergamot Linen Candle

If candles aren't your thing, try a diffuser. It distributes essential oil throughout the air, giving your bathroom a subtle ambience. Our Calm White Flower Diffuser is an elegant decor piece and uses natural essential oil.

Calm Diffuser White Flower


5. Upgrade your shower curtain

If you have a freestanding shower, your shower curtain can take up a sizeable chunk of visual real estate in your bathroom. Create a blank canvas that's soothing to your eyes with a simple, minimal shower curtain in a soothing neutral tone.

Our Small Waffle Shower Curtain offers a spa-like feel and is easy to care for and maintain. 

Essential Small Waffle Shower Curtain


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