How to Create a Comfortable & Stylish Guest Bedroom
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How to Create a Comfortable & Stylish Guest Bedroom

Welcoming guests into your home is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your hospitality and make them feel comfortable and cared for. Whether they’re staying for one night or for a longer time, outfitting your guest bedroom with the right bedding and accessories is the best way to make them feel at home during their stay. Here are five of our favourite ways to create a guest bedroom that’s the perfect mix of comfortable, beautiful, and memorable. 

1. Make the bed with high-quality sheets made from natural fibres

When preparing your guest bedroom, one of the fundamental elements to consider is the bedding. High-quality sheets are not only essential for comfort but also contribute significantly to a good night’s sleep.

Opt for soft, breathable fabrics like long-staple cotton or 100% linen (or a blend of both materials). Sheets crafted from natural fibres are known for their luxurious feel and ability to regulate temperature.

There's no greater feeling than slipping into a bed made with high-quality, freshly laundered sheets to add a touch of luxury that your guests will appreciate and remember for years to come.

Our 220 Thread Count Percale sheets have been a bestseller since 1981 and are a favourite for guest bedrooms. Made in Canada from 100% long-staple cotton, these sheets are temperature-regulating for every type of sleeper, and have that cool, crisp feeling that so many people love. 

If you're torn between buying linen or cotton sheets for your guest bedroom, why not try a blend of both? Our Washed Linen/Cotton collection is made from sheets with a 50/50 blend of long-staple cotton and Italian linen, combining the rumpled, lived-in look of linen with the soft hand of cotton. 

2. Offer a variety of pillows to support every sleeper 

Choosing the right pillow is another crucial step in creating a comfortable sleeping environment for your guests. Different people have different sleep preferences, so it’s beneficial to offer a variety of pillows – from soft to firm – to accommodate various sleep styles.

For guests with allergies, consider pillows with a high-quality synthetic fill instead of goose down. Good quality synthetic pillows will give your guests the neck support they need while also being hypoallergenic. 

Our Au Lit Medium pillow offers excellent support that's not too soft yet not too firm, making it a great choice for guest rooms. Made right here in Canada from 600 loft pure white goose down. 

The Jasper pillow is an amazing microfibre pillow option. Made from light and fluffy Suprelle fill, this pillow offers excellent support with a soft down-like fluff. A great option for guest bedrooms. 

3. Offer a duvet to suit every type of sleeper

When selecting a duvet for your guest bedroom, think about both comfort and practicality. A duvet with a medium weight is versatile enough to provide warmth in cooler months while not being too heavy during warmer seasons. Opt for duvets with natural fillings like down or down alternatives for their softness and breathability. This ensures your guests stay cozy without overheating.

The Au Lit Essential Light Weight Duvet is the perfect option for guest bedrooms and will leave your guests feeling like they're sleeping under a cloud. Filled with 650 loft pure white goose down, this duvet is breathable and temperature-regulating so it can be used all year long. 

4. Don't forget to add a coverlet, quilt or bed blanket

One recommendation we have for every guest room? Adding a coverlet, or a quilt or blanket folded at the foot of the bed. Not only does this addition make your bed look beautiful and well-styled, but it allows guests to adjust their sleeping temperature according to their comfort.

Choose coverlets in lightweight materials such as cotton or linen for breathability, and offer a variety of colours or patterns to complement your guest room decor.

This Cotton Waffle Blanket offers a beautiful woven texture and will delight your guests with its soft feel and breathability. Available in four colours to suit every bedroom style. 

The Lavato Ungaretti Coverlet features a timeless woven diamond pattern in easy-care washed Egyptian cotton. This coverlet has been one of our bestsellers for over a decade, especially in classic White

5. It's the smallest details that can make the biggest impact

To elevate your guests' sleep experience from ok to extraordinary, consider adding small, thoughtful touches that make them feel special and pampered.

Leave a plush spa robe draped over a chair, along with a selection of amenities such as a scented candle for relaxation, a sleep mask for uninterrupted rest, or even a small stack of books for leisurely reading. These little luxuries demonstrate your attention to detail and create a memorable stay for your guests.

Our Organic Cotton Terry Robe is a cozy, spa-inspired, unisex robe that will make your guests feel like they're staying at a five star hotel. 



This 100% Silk Sleep Mask blocks out all the light, ensuring that your guests will get their best sleep possible. 



Made here in Canada, these Luminary Soy Candles offer a clean, long-lasting burn and come in seven unique, heavenly scents that will wow your guests. 

In conclusion, creating a comfortable and stylish guest bedroom involves careful consideration of bedding choices and thoughtful additions that enhance the overall experience. By focusing on high-quality sheets, supportive pillows, the right all-season duvet, versatile coverlets, and personalized amenities, you can ensure your guests feel welcomed and taken care of during their stay. A well-prepared guest room not only reflects your hospitality but also creates lasting impressions and memories to last a lifetime, both both you and your guests.

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