7 Ways To Create A Cozy Cottage Feeling In Your Bedroom
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7 Ways To Create A Cozy Cottage Feeling In Your Bedroom

Cottages mean different things to different people. For some, a cottage is a coastal home on the lake. For others, a cottage is a quaint cabin in the woods. One thing we can all agree on: a cottage is a place of respite, a tranquil spot to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

If you're looking to create a cozy and comfortable bedroom at your cottage - or just want your bedroom at home to feel like one - we've outlined our favourite ways to transform every bedroom into an ideal cottage escape. You won't need to invest in a full-scale remodel either; using the right bedding pieces will help you to create a peaceful sanctuary where you can truly relax. 

One: Embrace the versatility and timeless charm of quilts

There's something inherently inviting about the comfy, textured feeling of a quilt or coverlet, making it the perfect addition to your cottage-inspired bedroom. Get any idea out of your mind that quilts are old-fashioned or for grannies - quilts are back in style, and have been re-imagined with modern patterns, luxe fabrics, and intricate stitching details. 

The Camden Linen Quilt will give your bedroom that coastal feel, and is made from easy-care, breathable 100% linen fabric. 

The Huntington Seaglass Coverlet is a modern take on a classic coverlet, featuring traditional diamond pattern stitching in everyone's favourite soothing shade, sage green.

 While quilts are a stylish decor piece for your bed, they're also incredibly practical and we recommend everyone keeps one folded at the foot of their bed. If you're a cold sleeper, you can pull it on top of your duvet at night for an extra layer of warmth. If you're hot, you can use a quilt as a lightweight blanket instead of a duvet.  

Lexington Quilt Chambray/Stripe
Lexington Quilt Pink/Stripe

Two: Incorporate nature-inspired patterns and prints

If there's one thing that everyone loves about cottages, it's this: the feeling of being surrounded by nature and the outdoors. The best way to bring that feeling of nature inside is by incorporating patterns and prints that mimic natural elements, like florals or botanical prints. You could do this through a myriad of ways: wallpaper, rugs, art, or your bedding. 

Don't limit your creativity; any element that's found in nature is up for grabs. Look for water/wave prints, woodgrain, even animal prints; anything inspired by nature can evoke that peaceful ambiance that you're craving. 

Swedish Mist features a delicate floral pattern in soothing aqua & warm white tones.

The Hawthorn Quilt incorporates repeating patterns of small-scale floral motifs.

To really play up the kitschy cottage look, mix your patterns together! Have fun and play around with combining different pattern scales, textures, and colours - it's what your grandparents always did at their cottage, and the perfect way to add a dose of rustic charm to your bedroom. 

For a bold look, go for all-over floral design with our Fleur Blanche Platinum collection.

We can't get enough of block prints, especially in the form of throw pillows like this Iris Newport one.

Three: Utilize warm and inviting colours

It's not just prints - another way to invite nature into your bedroom is by utilizing warm and inviting colours reminiscent of nature. When choosing your colour palette, envision the colours surrounding your cottage (or the type of cottage you want your bedroom to feel like).

For a coastal lake house, consider a palette of deep lake blue, warm sand, and light sky blue. If your vibe is a farmhouse nestled in the countryside, look to the forest green of trees, light sage grass, and earthy wood tones. Colours found in nature are timeless and never go out of style. 

Monochromatic neutral shades (like our new Juliana Linen Natural collection) make the ideal colour palette for a breezy beach bedroom.

Classic blue & white is the quintessential colour scheme for homes by the lake. Customize your own Hotel 3-Line collection in 20+ embroidery thread colours. 

For a quaint English cottage feel, soft sage green is tranquil and calming. Get the look with our Brooke Coverlet in Sage. 

Four: Invest in the right set of sheets

If there's one thing that everyone wants from their cottage bedroom, it's this: REST. Set the foundation for a good night's sleep by investing in the right set of sheets.

The best sheets for a restful night's sleep are made from natural, breathable materials like cotton, linen, and bamboo. These materials are temperature-regulating and will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Cottages are a place of comfort, and outfitting your bed with high-quality sheets is the key to creating a space that's ideal for lounging in bed, reading, or sleeping in late. 

Our Georgia Stripe Percale sheets are made in Canada from cool, crisp, 100% cotton percale.

Washed Cotton Sateen sheets are pre-washed so they feel super soft and have a rumpled, lived-in look.

Nothing beats the feeling of sleeping in airy linen sheets. Get the look with our Washed Linen/Cotton sheets in Milk. 


Five: It's what inside that matters

Creating a soft and sumptuous cozy cottage bed is easy when you have the right pieces. If you're usually at your cottage in the summer, you might struggle with overheating at night. We always recommend light or summer-weight duvets, which will add the perfect amount of puff to your bed while still keeping you cool at night. 

The Au Lit Summer Duvet was specially designed for summer sleeping, with a thin layer of pure white goose down.

If you want your bed to truly feel cloud-like, adding a plush featherbed will enhance your sleep experience. If you find your mattress uncomfortable or want to create the ideal sleep space for guests, adding a mattress topper is a foolproof way to make your bed extra cozy and comfortable. 

Our Feather-Alternative Sleep Pad is a popular choice for cottages and guest rooms


Six: Lighten up!

Now that you've created a truly luxurious sleep space for your cottage bedroom, it's time for the fun stuff - the decor! Nothing adds warmth, texture, and style like throw pillows and blankets, so feel free to layer them on. 

Before adding any accent pieces to your bedroom, make sure you're considering what they're made from. Many decor pieces are made from heavier fabrics like wool or velvet, which aren't ideal for hot summers at the cottage. Look for pieces crafted from lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen, which are easy to care for and won't leave you sweating.

Our Hampton Linen Throw is made from breezy, airy linen in a relaxed crinkle texture 

Cushion covers made from 100% cotton, like Brant Stripe, are easy to throw in the washing machine if needed

Fouta towels are the ultimate multi-functional piece: use them for decor as a bed throw, or as a bath towel


Seven: The finishing touches

We're big believers that the smallest touches can make the biggest impact. Something as simple as adding fresh flowers to your bedside table can make a big difference. To really sell the cozy rustic vibe, look for accents like rugs, lamps, or furniture in ubiquitous cottage materials like wicker, jute, or straw. 

One final step that shouldn't be overlooked: scent. Scent has the power to elevate every bedroom, and scents like lavender and jasmine are even proven to help induce sleep.

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