Duvet Sizes 101: Twin, Double, Queen, King & Beyond
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Duvet Sizes 101: Twin, Double, Queen, King & Beyond


Now that you've figured out the right pillow size, it's time to determine the right size duvet for your bed. While it may seem like a no-brainer, not every bed is created equally. What about beds with extra-deep mattresses? Or extra-long twin beds? We've created this easy guide for you to determine which duvet size is best for your bed.

What Size Duvet is Best for Your Bed?

Twin - Twin beds (also known as single beds) are the smallest standard bed size available on the market. Measuring in at 39" x 75", they are most commonly found in children's rooms, guest rooms, hotel rooms, or used for single adults in a smaller space (they're perfect for studio apartments).

For twin beds, we recommend using a standard twin duvet, which measures in at 64" x 89". Our bestselling twin duvet is the Jasper Micro-Fiber Duvet, which offers a unique synthetic fill with an airy, down-like feel (and can be easily machine-washed, a lifesaver for kids' rooms).


Twin XL - Although not as common, twin XL beds measure in at 39" x 80", a full 5" longer than a standard twin bed (the XL is short for extra-long). Twin XL beds are perfect for single teenagers or adults who require extra length for comfortable sleeping, which is why they're most commonly found in university dorm rooms.

For a twin XL bed, we recommend using a standard twin duvet.


Double/Full - A double bed (otherwise known as a full bed) measures 54" x 75" - slightly wider than a twin bed. Double beds are perfect for children or single adults that need a little more space than a single bed. They're also a great option for a guest room, as they are quite roomy for a single person, but two adults can still share one (although it may be a bit of a tight squeeze).

For a double/full bed, we recommend a standard double duvet, which typically measures around 80" x 89". Our bestselling double size duvet is the Au Lit Goose Down Duvet, which is made from pure 650 loft white goose down, and features a 500 thread count cotton satin shell.

If you have an extra-deep or pillowtop mattress, and or you like your duvet with extra-long coverage on the sides of the bed, one alternate option is to use a queen-sized duvet. Many of our customers choose to do this, and love the extra width it provides.


Queen - Queen beds are the most popular sized bed in the marketplace. Queen beds measure in at 60" x 80", which offers lots of room for both individuals or couples to sleep comfortably (plus a pet or baby too!). They also fit nicely into most principal bedrooms larger than 10' x 10'.

For queen beds with a mattress depth of 12" or under, we recommend our standard queen duvet (if your mattress is over 12", see the jumbo queen paragraph below!). A typical queen duvet measures 88" x 90". One of our favourite duvets for a queen bed is our new Aspen White Goose Down Duvet. Featuring 650 loft Polish White Goose down encased in a 400 thread count cotton satin shell, it's the perfect topper to keep you cozy all year round. Learn more about our goose down duvets here.


Jumbo Queen - Before you buy a new queen duvet, make sure to check the depth of your mattress! Over the past few years, pillow-top and extra-deep mattresses have become increasingly popular, yet many bedding manufacturers continue to make their sheets and duvets in the same old standard, too-shallow sizes. The result? Fitted sheets that don't fit, and too-short duvets that expose the sides of the mattress.

It comes down to this: if your mattress is over 12" deep, you need a jumbo size. While a regular queen duvet measures 88" x 90", our jumbo queen duvet measures 102" x 100". This gives you an additional 5" of duvet on either side of the bed, which will completely cover your deep mattress.


King - The king bed is becoming more and more popular in the marketplace, and it's not surprising why: stacking in a generous size of 76" or 78" x 80", the king bed is perfect for couples that like extra room, or for the whole family that likes to sleep together (kids and dogs can fit in too!). The king bed's extra square footage is luxuriously roomy - but you'll need a larger bedroom to hold it (a minimum of 12' x 10' is ideal). Fun fact: a king bed is exactly the same size as two twin XL beds!

For a king bed, we recommend our standard king duvet (unless your mattress is over 12" deep. If so, keep reading!). Our king duvets measure 104" x 90" and our bestselling duvet for king beds is the Mt. Tremblant White Goose Down Duvet. Made from 800+ loft white Canadian Hutterite goose down, and an ultra-light 360 thread count German cotton shell, it's the perfect luxurious topper for your luxurious-sized bed.


Jumbo King - Just like we described with the jumbo queen above, jumbo king duvets are made specifically for king beds with extra-deep mattresses. While a standard king duvet measures 104" x 90", our jumbo king duvet measures 114" x 100", giving you 10" extra inches of width, and 10" extra of length.

Our favourite jumbo king duvet is the Lausanne European Goose Down Duvet. It's made with the very best European down and the finest Egyptian cotton shell imported from Germany. Due to the extraordinary quality of the down, it's a light and airy duvet, but also very warm.


California King - What is a California king bed, and what makes it different than a regular king bed? This bed actually got it's name from a very interesting beginning. In the 1960s, queen beds were the largest ones available on the market, until a California-based mattress company created a new, extra-large king sized mattress. The company's first customers to jump on the bandwagon were Hollywood actors and athletes, so the prominence of these oversized beds in Los Angeles gave the bed the moniker "California king".

California king beds measure 72" x 84", which is a full four inches longer than a standard king (perfect for tall people), yet is also four inches narrower. We recommend using a standard king duvet on a California king bed.

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