The Simple Trick to Making Your Duvet Appear Fluffier
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The Simple Trick to Making Your Duvet Appear Fluffier

After our Q&A last week about lightweight and puffy duvets, we thought we would share one more tip with you about making your own duvet appear fluffier. This easy styling trick is one that our merchandising team has used for years, and will give every duvet some extra volume.

We've enlisted the help of our expert sales associate Dale (remember when we took a peek in her gorgeous bedroom?) to show how she styles beds on our sales floor. Follow along step-by-step as she shows you how to recreate this look in your own home.

Step by Step

Step 1: Lay your duvet flat across the top of your bed.

Step 2: Holding the top edge, fold your duvet cover back halfway, so that the underside is on top, and right sides are together.

Step 3: Still holding the top, fold the duvet back up towards the top of the bed, only going as far as the first fold line. Your duvet cover should now be folded in a "Z" shape, with front cover of the duvet on top.

Voila! The simple and easy way to style your bed so that your duvet looks puffier. We'd love to see you try this at home!

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