In Bed With... Dale
Between the Sheets

In Bed With... Dale


Welcome back to the "In Bed With..." series, where we take you behind the scenes and into the bedrooms of our favourite Au Lit insiders. Today we're featuring the serene and feminine bedroom of Dale, our sales associate of the past fifteen years (and yes, she is the inspiration behind our Dale collection!). Join us as she shares the story of her lovely bedroom design.


"I've always had white or cream walls in my bedroom - I like having a neutral palette to work with. It gives me the flexibility to change my bedroom with my mood, or try out new colours. Although I like to switch things up, I always go back to blue - it's soft, relaxing, and I just love it. My bedroom is my oasis; every night I like to drink herbal tea in bed and re-read my favourite Russian classics. I've read Anna Karenina more times than you can imagine!"


"I love the matelasse texture of the Lavato Ungaretti collection; every piece is pre-washed and so soft. I have two euro shams in Ungaretti White and a matching coverlet. They make my bed look luxurious but not overdone. I'm obsessed with my fluffy featherbed and the Ziegler Polish White Goose Down duvet; paired together, they transform my bed into a nest. My monogrammed pillow was a recent find and it's made out of a blue and white pinstripe fabric with cream embroidery. I think it ties the whole room together."



"I've tried every sheet out there and my all-time favourite is the 1030 Thread Count Cotton Satin in white. There is nothing else like it! People always assume that it's a high-maintenance look, but they couldn't more more wrong! Out of every set of sheets I've ever owned, these ones require the least amount of ironing."