Q&A: Help! I want a puffy duvet - will I be too hot?
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Q&A: Help! I want a puffy duvet - will I be too hot?

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Q: Help! I want a puffy duvet, but I'm worried that I'm going to be too hot! What should I do?

A: Finding a duvet that's light-as-a-cloud and also puffy can feel like finding the Holy Grail. Here's a tip: look for a 100% goose down duvet that's filled with down of the highest possible loft, but contains fewer ounces of it. In other words, the quality of the down provides the loft (puffiness) but the weight (amount of ounces) determines how hot you feel.

What is loft?

Loft (which is also known as fill power) measures the quality of the down. Quite simply, the higher the Loft number, the better quality down it is (and thus, the puffier the duvet). High quality down, such as Hutterite or European white goose, is an excellent insulator, so you'll need less of it to keep you warm, without sacrificing too much on puffiness.

Which duvet do you recommend?

Our Mt. Tremblant duvet is an excellent choice if you're looking for a lightweight, fluffier duvet. Filled with 800+ loft Hutterite down (from the Hutterite goose in Saskatchewan) and covered with an Egyptian cotton shell, the Tremblant is breathable and weightless on your body, yet quite puffy. The quality of the down is such that you can use a Lightweight and still be perfectly warm throughout the coldest months of winter.

That said, it is important to remember that if the duvet is too puffy, it is inevitably going to feel too hot when you sleep. We always like to know how our clients sleep so we can guide them towards finding just the right balance.