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Size Chart

An important part of designing your bed is making sure that each item fits perfectly. Our size chart is here to help you do just that. If you need to custom order a specific size or have any questions regarding measurements, please call one of our sales experts at 1-800-363-6080 or email at


 Au Lit Fine Linens - Size Chart - Duvet Covers 1  


 Au Lit Fine Linens - Size Chart - Pillows 1 


 Au Lit Fine Linens - Size Chart - Pillows 1

Mattress Depths

These days, mattress depths can vary from 8” - 20”. If you are purchasing online, you will be asked to enter the depth of your mattress, so that we can determine which pocket will best fit your bed. If you are visiting our store, you can discuss whether or not to purchase Jumbo sizes with one of our sales experts, once you've given them all your measurements. In all cases, please make sure to provide your measurements if they are not consistent with our size chart. Knowing your measurements is also important when you are purchasing your bedskirt and duvet cover.


Fitted Sheets

Au Lit Fine Linens - Fitted Sheet






Due to all the different mattress depths, it can be complicated to buy a fitted sheet that will fit properly over the sides without having to pull and tug every time you make your bed. To avoid this problem, we require you to enter the depth of your mattress when you place your order so that we can determine the correct pocket size for you. 









Please keep in mind, these sheets are 100% cotton and will shrink, so even though you may find the fitted sheet a bit too big right out of the package, we assure you, after several washes, it will fit perfectly! (If it fits perfectly out of the package, it will be too small after several washes.) Just make sure to give us the actual depth of your mattress when you place your order, and we will take care of the rest!

You can also include custom measurements in the ORDER NOTES section of the CHECK OUT BOX and we will custom order your fitted sheet to accommodate your bed.

Duvet Depth

When buying a duvet, you want to be sure that it will hang generously over the sides and amply cover the gap where the mattress sits on the box spring. We always recommend measuring the width, as well as the depth of your mattress, and then adding at least a few inches on either side to ensure proper coverage. 

For example, if your king mattress is 76" wide, with a depth of 14", 
you will need to calculate as follows: 76 + 14 + 14 = 104"

In this example, your duvet needs to measure at least 104" wide to just reach the box spring. We therefore recommend that you add a few more inches to that measurement to accommodate duvet cover shrinkage as well as generous overhang on both sides. In the example above, we would recommend a Jumbo King. 

If you have a queen mattress that measures 60" wide, with a depth of 12",
you will calculate as follows: 60 + 12 + 12 = 84" In this example, a Queen duvet will be appropriate.

 *Please note when you insert the duvet into the duvet cover, it will also lose a couple of inches on either side from puffing up.


The standard height of our bedskirt is 14”, but it can be custom ordered to your exact measurements through our store. Measure from the top of the box spring to the floor for an exact measurement. You can watch this video if you're unsure about how to measure. 

Our standard bedskirt style (unless otherwise indicated) is tailored with one center pleat on each panel, as well as at the corners. Corners are open to accommodate footboards, but can also be custom ordered with closed corners through our store.

We also make gathered (ruffled) bedskirts, as well as tailored bed skirts without pleats for a cleaner, more modern look. Both styles can be custom ordered though our store.