Bedding 101

The Anatomy of a Bed

Your bed is the centerpiece of the room, so we always suggest it be the launching pad for the decor. We like to treat the bed as a canvas, using a soft, livable palette for the foundation and then bringing in pops of colour with the accent pieces. Follow your heart! Your bedroom is your sanctuary.

Read on to learn how to create your own beautiful bed from the inside out...

The Sleeping Pillows

A great pillow will transform the quality of your sleep and is definitely where you want to invest. We always recommend goose down pillows because they’re soft and malleable, as well as supportive. Look for a silky shell (300TC or higher) to prevent crunching and make sure they're hypo-allergenic.

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The Duvet

An authentic quality goose down duvet will last years, so it’s very much worth the investment. You always want to know where the down is from and trust the brand you're buying (a cheap duvet can be filled with anything from chicken feathers to dust!) We recommend a baffle box construction to keep the down from clumping, as well as a silky shell to keep it light and airy on your body. The beauty of down is it adapts to your body temperature. There’s nothing like sleeping under a cloud of goose down.

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The Duvet Cover

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, which means the duvet cover will have the most impact on your overall decor. We recommend choosing a colour and pattern that reflect your personal taste and style, as well as stand the test of time.

Tip: Choose something you know you'll love for years to come, because that's how long a good quality duvet cover will last!

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The Sheets

It's not all about thread count! The 3 equally important components of a great quality sheet are:

  1. Type of cotton. The best quality is 100% Egyptian because of the strength and length of its fibres.
  2. Where it's woven. The Italian mills are the best weavers in the world.
  3. Thread count. Anything higher than 200TC is considered good quality. To see our range of thread counts, visit our Thread Count Bar
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The Coverlet

A Coverlet, which is also known as a cotton blanket cover or matelassé, is, quite simply, a versatile piece that can be laid at the foot of the bed to add layers and texture. It can also be used more practically, either as an extra layer of warmth with your duvet, or on its own as a light blanket during the summer months.

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The Pillow Shams

Pillow shams are decorative pillow covers that are not meant to be slept on. Pillow shams are available in five sizes: Standard, Queen, King, Grand king and 'Euro'. The 'Euro' pillow is a 25x25" square that is both decorative (it really fills out the bed by adding depth and height) and also practical. We love reading in bed against our Grand King or Euro pillows!

Tip: They also stand in for a headboard if you haven't got one.

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The Decorative Cushions & Throw

These are the "statement" pieces of your bed. They can be bold - bringing colour, texture or opulence to a more neutral bed-scape - as well as trendy or seasonal. They certainly don't have to be permanent. These accent pieces are also a great way to tie in other colours in the room, whether it's the wall, headboard or carpet. Have fun with your decorative accents!

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The Featherbed

The featherbed (or sleep pad) is a sumptuous, European innovation that will transform your sleep experience. It lies directly on the mattress, beneath the mattress protector, and makes even the most inferior mattress feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. (Even that old Hyde-a-Bed… we promise.)

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