What's Your Bedroom Design Style?
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What's Your Bedroom Design Style?

Modern. Classic. Minimalist. You'll see these design buzzwords thrown around in magazines, but what do they really mean? And how do they translate to decorating your own home? Inspired by the new "Shop by Style" function on our website, we're breaking down the most popular design styles for the bedroom and defining what they really mean. Follow along to find out what style is perfect for you, and how to bring your style home.


Also known as traditional style, Classic is the style you'll most often see on our shop floor and styled on our website. With Classic beds, more is more. Take a closer look at the beds in our product listings, and you'll notice that they often incorporate a LOT of elements, including a vast range of pillows (we frequently mix Euro pillows, Queen shams, and decorative toss cushions), a duvet cover, a coverlet, and a throw casually tossed at the foot of the bed. This layered mix creates depth and dimension, which are visually appealing. Embroidered details, monograms, and bold patterns are all fair game with Classic beds - especially when all used together! As for colour, anything goes, from all-white beds to an eclectic mix of colours.


Gisele Milk

Jenn Feldman

Anice Embroidery


Modern design is sleek, sophisticated, and cutting-edge. In the bedroom, think crisp, clean lines and a neutral colour palette - nothing frivolous, frilly, or over the top. To give your bed the Modern touch, think simple and European-inspired, with a streamlined duvet cover and coordinating stacked pillows. To keep your Modern bed from feeling soul-less, try warming things up by incorporating a duvet cover or coverlet with a soft textured look. 

Rafael Silver


Design Studio A + B




Glam style shares a lot of similarities with Classic style, definitely taking a more-is-more approach. The difference lies in texture and colour - anything over the top and super girly takes centre stage. We love seeing a mix of metallics, fur, shimmer, and velvet on a Glam bed. Feel free to pile them all on, especially in feminine shades of blush, pink, purple, and cream. Don't forget the glittery chandelier above the bed!

Simone Nude

Randi Garrett

Tibetan White Fur Cushion


Boca Do Lobo

Randi Garret


Minimalist style is simple and pared down - nothing excessive or decorative. Think functional first - no clutter, nothing sentimental; just streamlined, well-edited pieces that are first and foremost functional. For the bed, nothing but the necessities - two sleeping pillows and a duvet. One note: minimalist doesn't always equal cold and stark - we love adding warm, textured pieces to keep the room from feeling soulless. 

Dimora Grey

Elle Decor

Brooklyn Midnight

Elle Decor


While different hotels have different styles, some things stay the same. For starters, all white everything! Hotel style is clean, tidy, and tailored; crisp white sheets and a pristine white duvet cover are mainstays (especially with a classic 2-line embroidered border!). You can read all about the history of 5-star hotel beds here.

Yellow Trace


Loft 2-Line

Home Decored

Langdon Stripe White


Just because your bedroom is casual, doesn't mean that it's lacking in style. Casual style has a focus on quality pieces that are comfortable, soft, and inviting. It's all about the texture - think soft linens that are easy to care for in fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool in a neutral colour palette. 

Lavato Xavier White

The Every Girl

Lavato Waffle White


Cottage style is not too far off from Casual style, as they both share the same intention of creating a comfortable and cozy environment through natural, relaxed pieces. What makes Cottage style unique is its colour palette; think crisp, airy white with cool, neutral shades mixed in - any shade reminiscent of the beach or the ocean. For decor, think of anything that reminds you of the water; lots of varying shades of blue, stripes, rope elements, rattan - just don't get too thematic or your bedroom could run the risk of looking like a gift shop!


Cabana Cushion Navy/White Stripe

Jane at Home

Gradation Stripe Coverlet Grey/Taupe

Monaco Navy

Elle Decor