The Allure of the 5-Star Hotel Bed
Between the Sheets

The Allure of the 5-Star Hotel Bed

There's something about a flawlessly made hotel bed that makes you want to jump right in. Not only are they stunning, they’re also phenomenally comfortable. Interestingly, hotel beds had humble beginnings. They’ve certainly come a long way from the days of stiff bedspreads, polyester sheets and uncomfortable pillows. Over the last couple of decades, we’ve seen hotel beds evolve from the serviceable to the luxurious. These days, the promise of a good night’s sleep is a basic requirement for any decent hotel. As our lives become busier and more frantic, we’re often in search of an escape from the daily grind. Where better to flee than to a luxury retreat? With more focus on the entire sleep experience, one thing has become clear in the hotel industry: bedding mattersEnter the 5-Star hotel bed.

When Did Hotel Beds Become so Luxurious?

The concept of offering hospitality to travellers has been around forever. Even the earliest known civilizations offered an oasis to travellers, providing food, lodging and stability. Nowadays, it’s the extra touches and added luxuries. The Four Seasons Hotel was the very first to revolutionize the customer experience by providing amenities such as shampoo and conditioner in the bathrooms, and more importantly, offering spectacular beds. After sleeping in a world-class hotel bed made up of cotton sheets, feather pillows, down duvets and a featherbed, it was hard to return home to the polyester sheets and flat pillows most people had back in the eighties and early nineties.

In many ways, the evolution of the 5-Star hotel bed influenced the entire bedding industry because people wanted to replicate that hotel sleep experience at home. So began the shift from utilitarian comforters and bedspreads to the world of goose down and 100% cotton sheets. And here’s the thing, it’s fairly simple to create that hotel-perfect bed at home. We’ve rounded up our most hotel-chic essentials that will give you that luxury 5-Star look and feel.

The Essentials

If there's one thing you won't forget after checking out of a luxury hotel, it’s the amazing sleep experience. Here’s our list of essentials to bring that experience home:

A great feather or down pillow - A good night sleep starts with the pillow, don’t skimp here. Nothing is more comfortable for your head than down and feather. Our Summit Feather and Au Lit Goose Down are available in different supports, depending on your preference. Both are malleable with varying degrees of support. For those with allergies, the Jasper has clusters of synthetic blown in like down for a down-like feel. It’s the best down alternative we’ve ever found. Psst…both the Summit and Jasper pillows are used at Langdon Hall, a sure good sign of how comfortable they must be!

A goose down or excellent quality down-alternative duvet - A great duvet is a key component of the 5-Star hotel bed. Down is breathable and adapts to your body’s temperature. It’s light and airy while you sleep, while still keeping you warm. (For more on the difference between a duvet and a comforter, check out our previous blog post on What’s the Difference Between a Duvet and a Comforter?)

100% cotton sheets - We always say: the better quality sheets, the better quality sleep. Look for sheets that are higher than 200 thread count (anything lower is rough muslin), but know that thread count is a choice. You don’t have to go to the highest to have great sheets. A 220TC crisp cool percale is one of our favourites! Check out our Thread Count 101, to learn more on the differences.

The featherbed - This is more of a luxury item than a necessity, but it will transform your bed into a true 5-Star hotel sleep experience. Sleeping on a featherbed is like sleeping on a cloud, enough said. Our down-filled featherbed is one of our best sellers for good reason.

That Clean Hotel Look

Nothing gives 5-Star vibes like a clean, timeless design. If you’re looking to replicate the look of your favourite hotel bed, keep it simple and keep it white. Here are some of our bestselling hotel-style collections:

The iconic Loft 2 Line + Loft 3 Line - The 2-line embroidery stitch is the iconic hotel design that never goes out of style. The 3-line embroidery stitch is reminiscent of the traditional Italian design that originated in the 1920s and launched the new standard for casual luxury. Both at 220TC Percale, made with 100% long staple cotton and woven in Italy, will stand the test of time through quality and style.

Essentials - All white linens is the perfect way to achieve the complete look of a hotel bed. Below are 3 types of our beautiful cotton linens, that all differ in character, feel, and personal preference.

The White 220 Thread Count Percale is made of a blend of the world's finest Egyptian Cotton & long-staple American Pima Cotton. Because of the superior quality of the cotton and weave, they will soften over time, but never lose their crispness.

The White 410 Thread Count Percale has the perfect balance of a soft, smooth hand combined with the durability and crispness of a percale weave. For those who love the silky feel of cotton satin but the crispness of percale, this is the sheet for you.

The White 320 Thread Count Percale has a silky feel. Due to its unique weave, it is also much finer than percale (which is why it's called cotton satin!)

The Textured Lavato Xavier White - The stunning Xavier collection adds some fun texture to your white duvet cover. It is made with 100% cotton and is backed in soft percale. It’s pre-washed for easy care and no fuss, not to mention it gives a little weight to the duvet!

The Insanely Soft La Suite Blanket - Layering a hotel bed is a must, and we love this brushed cotton blanket that is versatile enough for all seasons. You can have it layered under a duvet in the winter for an extra and soft layer, or use it alone with a flat sheet in the summer. This 100% cotton blanket is made to be super plush and soft. The brushed cotton has a velvety feel and sumptuous look!

The Lavato Waffle Blanket - Similar in idea to the brushed cotton blanket, our iconic waffle blanket is a lighter weight version that works beautifully in all seasons. It is made with pre-washed American long-staple cotton and woven in Portugal.

Hotel-Inspired Add-Ons

You can always count on a luxury hotel bathroom to be decked out with fluffy white towels and robes, and an array of exquisite-smelling bath products. If you really want to bring the 5-Star hotel home, don’t forget the little touches that complete the experience!

Lovely Luxe White Towels - Plushy, fluffy and ultra-absorbent. The Luxe Towel Set includes: 2 bath sheets, 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 2 wash cloths, and a specially formulated towel wash to keep them in top shape. This set has all the towels you'll need in one perfect bundle.

A Spa-like Micro Robe - Just like in your hotel bathroom, this plush 100% micro-cotton terry robe is perfect for slipping into after a shower or lounging around the house. Feel like you've just enjoyed a day at the spa the minute you put it on.

The Chic Lavato Waffle Robe - A little less plush, but just as comfy, the Lavato Waffle Robe is lightweight and the perfect all-seasons robe. It is made of 100% cotton and is pre-washed for ultimate softness.

The Pure Linen Scented Bath Set - A great little way to keep your space feeling fresh and new, is the scent of fresh linen. This kit is exclusively made for Au Lit in Haute-Provence, France. It includes a candle, bar soap, liquid soap and diffuser.

Apotheke Flower Shop Candle - It’s the little things, candles do not only promote a relaxing and calm environment but also bring a beautiful scent. This candle is made in the Aptheke Flower Shop in Brooklyn and combines scents of bergamot, freesia and orange peel. It’s sleek and modern packaging makes it look great in any room!

Washed Cotton Room & Sheet Spray - To take a step further, a great way to add to the hotel-esque experience is to keep your bed and the air surrounding your bed smelling brand new each day. The Washed Cotton Room & Sheet Spray can be sprayed directly onto your linens. Made of Lavender and Chamomile, this fresh aroma is reminiscent of freshly cleaned cotton.

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