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How To Wash Your Down Duvet

Au Lit Fine Linens Down Duvet

With proper use of a duvet cover, your down duvet can go years without a wash, but that certainly doesn't make it immune to accidents. Should your down duvet find itself in need of a good sudsing, we recommend the following washing instructions:
  1. Wash the duvet on a gentle or delicate cycle with warm water. Don't force it into a machine if it doesn't want to fit - you may have to travel to a local laundromat with extra large-barrelled machines to ensure a proper wash
  2. Use a gentle detergent (our Down Wash is designed for this!) and use a very sparing amount - just a teaspoon or two - as you don't want any excess detergent to build up on the down or the cotton shell
  3. Wash, and then run the duvet through an additional rinse cycle to ensure all detergent has been rinsed away
  4. Exercise caution in removing the duvet from the washing barrel, especially if you're using a top-loader. Don't tug at it, as you don't want to risk tearing the baffle boxes. Gently lift it out of the machine to avoid any damage
  5. Dry the duvet on a low heat until it is completely dry. This can be time consuming, but the last thing you want is any lingering moisture to create a safe haven for mold or mildew build-up. Adding a few tennis balls in with the duvet while drying will help to fluff it a bit and evenly distribute the down

Voila! It can be a bit of lengthy process, but following these instructions should get your down duvet clean and ensure it stays in top shape.

*You may be compelled to drop your down duvet off at a dry cleaner, but we urge you not to! The chemicals used in the dry cleaning process can discolour fabrics and damage delicate materials. If you can't stomach the idea of doing it yourself, having your down duvet professionally laundered by a trusted professional is your next best bet.