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How to Create Your Child's Dream Bedroom in 4 Easy Steps


Your child's bedroom is so much more than just a place to sleep; it's an extension of their imagination. A bed can be a pirate ship one day, and a fairy's magical forest the next. So, how can you invest in good quality, lasting bedding with their ever-evolving tastes and vision? We've compiled four simple steps for choosing the right bedding for your little one's lair - whatever it may be this month!

Step One: Neutrals are key (no matter what they say!)

Just because your child loves electric purple this month, doesn't mean their bedding should be electric purple. Despite their pleas, stay strong and resist the urge to buy sheets that feature their favourite (and probably fleeting!) colour or design. We recommend investing in good quality neutral sheets and saving the bold colours or favourite TV characters for the decorative accents. Believe it or not, a good set of sheets will carry your child right through to high school.

Thomas Navy




Neutral doesn't necessarily mean boring. Instead, think of their bedding as a blank canvas that can be layered with fun accessories as your child grows and evolves. While we always recommend solid bedding in classic colours like white, cream, grey, navy, and/or pastels, we also love timeless patterns like stripes, checks, and subtle polka dots. Embroidered details (like a classic two-line stripe) never go out of style, and are fun enough for a two year-old, yet sophisticated enough for a teenager.

Step Two: Invest in quality.

So what are the basics for kids' bedding? At the very core, we recommend investing in four essential pieces that will grow with your kids and get softer and cozier over the years:

1. A great pillow

2. A duvet

3. A duvet cover

4. A set of quality sheets

Our favourite duvet and pillow for younger kids are the synthetic ones; that way you avoid allergy issues and they're washable. We love the Jasper collection, which is made from the best quality micro-fibre technology, and features an innovative synthetic fill that creates a down-like feel for maximum puffiness. Bonus: they can be washed frequently at home, for whatever craft project of the week may end up on the bed. (And let's be honest, for the potty-training era too.)

Jasper Micro-Fiber Duvet

Jasper Micro-Fiber Pillow

For the sheets, we always recommend long-staple cotton. It's the most durable, breathable, easy to care for (i.e. machine washable) and by far, the softest over time. Your child spends over 3,000 hours a year in bed, so it's important to invest in good quality sheets to ensure they get adequate rest! 

Loft 3-Line Embroidered Collection


Step Three: Have fun with accessories!

Now that you've invested in the core pieces that will carry your child throughout the years, it's time to have fun and show off their personality! We love accessorizing with easy-to-swap out pieces that spark curiosity and imagination, like throw pillows, blankets, quilts, and stuffed animals. There's only one time in life where you can go wild with bright colours, crazy patterns, bold geometric shapes, pom-poms, scallops, and animal prints - so load them all on together!



If your kids share a room, it doesn't mean that you need to keep things matchy-matchy (especially if they're of mixed genders). We typically like to keep one cohesive design element running between both beds that represents their joint style (like a patterned duvet cover), and then adding individual personality through accessories.




TOP TIP: Let them choose their own bedding accessories! It will make them feel like they've had input in the design. And do your best not to reel them in too much. It's just a cushion or throw, so we're all for Pokemon or sports themes!

Step Four: Think function and fashion.

A definite must-have for kids' rooms that's often overlooked? A Euro pillow. This oversized square decorative pillow (26" x 26") is the perfect multi-functional piece; it provides excellent back support when your child is reading in bed, or can be used as a comfy lounging piece for floor play. Because of it's large size, it makes a bold statement in a bright colour or fun patterned fabric.

Scallop Embroidered Collection




How many Euro pillows do you need? A Twin bed needs one, a Double or Queen needs two, and we love 2-3 of them on a daybed with a mix of throw pillows.