How to Buy Linens Online
Tips & Advice

How to Buy Linens Online

Here are some tips that will guide you in your E-shopping experience with Au Lit:

Request a Swatch

Request a swatch before your make your purchase, especially for your sheets. There are so many thread counts out there, and so many choices of weave - percale, cotton satin, linen - that we strongly encourage you to touch as many swatches as you can before deciding which is your absolute favourite. Swatches won't always be available in every collection, but we try to offer them in most of them. Click here to request a swatch.

Buzz Words

Get educated about all the industry buzz words. (See our Thread count 101 video.) Make sure you are purchasing authentic quality, which doesn't just mean a high thread count! The cotton should be 100% Egyptian (and should say so on the package, as well as on the company's website.) The thread count should also be written on the package and the website, as should the country in which it was made. If the product's thread count is not stated anywhere, it's a good idea to probe a little deeper. That way you can comparison shop.

Buy Certified

When buying duvets and pillows, it's important that the products have been approved by the Down Association (in Canada it's DownMark.) We recommend choosing white goose down, 550+ loft and made in Europe or Canada. The shell should have a baffle box construction so there is no clumping, and a high thread count shell (300t.c +) to ensure softness and lightness and no crunching.

Know Your Measurements

Back in the day, there was basically one consistent mattress size (width, depth & length) so all you had to know was whether you had a queen or a king-size bed. Nowadays, it's a lot more complicated. There's no industry standard anymore, which means buying sheets that fit properly is not always simple. We always recommend measuring your mattress before you purchase linens. You want to know the width, length and depth of your mattress in order to assure a proper fit for fitted sheets and duvets, as well as the measurement from the top of the box spring to the floor for bed skirts. Make sure to check out our size chart before making your purchase.