How Important is the Right Pillow for Getting a Good Night's Sleep?
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How Important is the Right Pillow for Getting a Good Night's Sleep?

We all know the feeling of not getting a good night's sleep - that foggy haze that lingers all day, the stiff neck and sore lower back. Well, you may be sleeping poorly because of your pillow. It turns out that pillows have a direct effect on sleep, posture, skin and hair.

What's Your Type?

A good pillow supports your head and corrects your body’s alignment. It's recommended that you you choose a pillow based on how you sleep. Here's a general rule of thumb to determine what kind of sleeper you are:

This is the most common sleep position, yet the most fickle. Sleeping on your side means you have a larger gap between your head and mattress than any other sleeping stance. To fill this gap, a firm pillow is a great option. Our Au Lit Firm Plus Pillow, made of 100% goose down, will give you fantastic support, but will soften gently over time. Another option for a firm sleep is our Feather Summit Firm Pillow, which has a feather core surrounded by white goose down (check out our blog on the difference between feather and down). The feather fill will also hold its firm shape much longer than all down but wont be quite as malleable.

This may be the most ideal sleep position and your back and skin will thank you in the long run. Sleeping on your back means your head is in-line with your body and your face isn't smushed against your pillow (preventing face lines and dry skin!). Backsleepers need a relatively small amount of support. Softer pillows such as our Au Lit Medium Pillow or our Feather Summit Medium Support Pillow, will sink softly beneath your head and wont arc your neck, but will still provide good support.

This is the least common sleeping position and for good reason. Sleeping on your stomach can cause neck strain and requires low to no support beneath your head. If you choose to have a pillow at all in this position, a super soft pillow is best. To avoid cranking your neck upwards, a squishier pillow like our Heirloom Pillow or our Feather Summit Soft Support Pillow will feel like resting your head on a cloud. 

So You've Found the Right Pillow...

Now what? Pillow care may be an afterthought for most but it's as important as pillow-type. Your pillow is in direct contact with your face every night and not only does it collect all the oils and bacteria from your face and hair, it can also cause unwanted lines over time.

Pillow Case - Try a satin or silk pillowcase! Silk and satin do not trap skin oils and bacteria, so your skin and hair actually slip and slide on the surface, without any "tugging."

Silk Charmeuse Pillow Case

Cleaning Regularly - Washing your pillow cases every few days is a great way to take care of your skin. We recommend making it a ritual - just like your face-cleaning routine. The build up of oils and bacteria in the pillow case really impact your skin, so you want to keep them clean (learn more from our post on The Link Between Bedding and Breakouts).

Cleaning Product - One last tip! When you're washing your pillow cases, consider what you clean them with as well as how often. Mild, gentle detergents can be less irritating to the skin and will ensure your linens last longer. We love the Le Blanc Linen Wash to keep our linens beautiful. It's gentle, effective and does the job without bleach or other common harsh ingredients typically found in laundry detergents. And if your budget doesn't allow for specialty cleaning products, we also recommend Sunlight or Ivory Snow.

Lavender Lady Linen Wash

An investment in good quality bedding is always an investment in the quality of your sleep (and your life!). Is your pillow enhancing your sleep?

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