The Link Between Bedding and Breakouts (and tips for glowing skin!)
Between the Sheets

The Link Between Bedding and Breakouts (and tips for glowing skin!)

You're invested in your skincare routine. Your nightly cleansing ritual is aided by complex gadgets and serums, your product spending has promoted you to Rouge status at Sephora, and yet, you still wake up with skin that's just as irritated as you are in the morning (pre-coffee.) Internal factors are often blamed for breakouts, with dermatologists linking skin issues to gut health, hormone levels, and genetic makeup. The truth is, our skin is impacted by everything it comes in contact with externally, including bedding. Pillowcases aren’t commonly blamed for blemishes, but they shouldn’t be overlooked as potential acne-aggravators.

The Problem With Pillowcases

Pillowcasescontributors to our most serene slumberare an unexpected cause of pesky pimples. The type of breakouts caused by dirty pillowcases fall under the category of “acne mechanica,” which is a form of acne resulting from skin coming in contact with materials or objects. New York-based dermatologist Dr. David E. Bank reveals the dangers of a dirty pillowcase: "When your pillowcase isn't laundered or changed regularly,” Dr. Bank reveals, “a build-up of dirt and oil from the environment as well as your skin and hair touching the pillow is transferred back to your skin. This can clog pores and cause blemishes." If you’re prone to breakouts, prevent micro-irritations caused by pillowcases with the following insider tips.

Pimple Prevention

1. Look for natural fibres

Fabrics composed of natural fibres are optimal in terms of breathability. The more air is able to pass through a pillowcase, the less bacteria is able to be trapped. At Au Lit, all of our collections use exclusively natural fibres, ensuring constant air flow as you sleep. When purchasing pillowcases, look for packaging that specifies 100% cotton or bamboo, as vague labels of “cotton sheet set” or “bamboo pillowcases” are often largely composed of synthetic fibres.

Our silky Cezanne pillowcases are made entirely from bamboo 


2. Change your cases often

As much as you love your new luxurious bamboo pillowcases, you will eventually have to switch them out for a fresh pair. Dermatologist and skincare line creator Debra Jaliman recommends switching your pillowcases every few days to avoid sleeping on a buildup of oil and bacteria. Whether you choose to wash the same pair of pillowcases regularly or stock multiple sets, try to keep a steady rotation of cases for optimal skin.


3. Wash in gentle detergent

Many use fabric softeners without knowing the damage they can cause to both bedding and skin. In terms of sheets, fabric softener coats natural fibres and gives them an unpleasant film; skin-wise, the synthetic properties of artificial softeners can be incredibly irritating. Fortunately, sheets composed of 100% cotton naturally soften over time, eliminating the need for chemical-based softeners. Using harsh products on your linens can have a similarly harsh effect on your face (especially for those with sensitive skin). Along the same line, it’s best to use dye-free, fragrance-free formulas on your bedding to lessen the probability of developing acne mechanica.

Fragrance Free Linen Wash
Le Blanc’s Fragrance-Free Linen Wash is the ideal detergent for sensitive skin 


4. Cleanse your face thoroughly

As many makeup-wearers know, cosmetics can be tough on the skin and as a result, it is vital that we thoroughly remove our “faces” before bed. When makeup isn’t fully washed off, cosmetic residue can transfer from the skin’s surface to pillows. While cleansing doesn’t eliminate all dirt and bacteria, it does reduce your skin’s contact with icky substances.


5. Eliminate harsh hair products

Your favourite leave-in conditioner works wonders on your hair but is it compromising your skin? Just as our makeup can easily transfer to our pillowcases, so can our holy grail hair products. Consider going to bed sans-serum to minimize the chance of product transfer and maximize the freshness of your cases.

Embrace Your Face

What’s an extra load of laundry or switching detergents for the benefit of glowing skin? Taking care of your face can be as easy as taking care of your pillowcases. With these tips on how to prevent pillowcase-related pimples, you can rest easy and wake up with glowing skin!