Why The Bedroom Is The New Living Room (as featured on Houzz)
Between the Sheets

Why The Bedroom Is The New Living Room (as featured on Houzz)

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The bedroom represents our ultimate respite. It’s our place of rest and regeneration, safety and comfort, intimacy and solitude. While the bedroom may have once existed as a space dismissed until bedtime, it’s now more than ever getting its time in the spotlight — and for good reason. Here are three reasons the bedroom is the new living room: 

1. Casualness. We are living more casually today than in the past. Home decor was once all about opulence (think inspiration pulled from the excesses of Versailles and European nobility). Now the trend leans toward simple lines, laid-back loungers and livable spaces, pushing decor preferences toward simplicity and comfort, both in look and feel.

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This livability extends to the bedroom, which these days is often used as much for reading, writing, looking at our devices, working and lounging as it is for sleep. With a bedroom outfitted as an open sanctuary, you can forget the days of shutting the bedroom door in a panic when company is en route. For many, the bedroom now radiates cozy hospitality. 


2. Space. For city dwellers across the globe, prices are going up while square footage is plummeting. With spaces getting smaller, not everyone has a dedicated living room.

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For many folks, space is limited to the point that a decision has to be made between a couch and a bed — and you can guess which typically wins. In many studio apartments, the bed has been re-created as a multipurpose fixture, welcoming company and catnaps alike.

3. Inviting materials. The Scandinavian concept of hygge (pronounced “huu-ga,” as in “huge") has been making itself known around the world. Loosely translated as cozy, this Danish term is defined as “a quality of coziness and comfort” that inspires feelings of calm, contentment and camaraderie.

While the concept certainly applies to the physical trappings associated with coziness (cashmere throws, plush pillows and faux fur everything), it manages to transcend the material, focusing as much on the feeling of coziness as on the appearance of it and the connectivity it brings. The bedroom is a natural spot for hygge — it’s a space that can radiate coziness both in look and feel, worthy of sharing or of snuggling in all by yourself. Au Lit Fine Linens: White Bed & Faux Fur Throw


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