What to Expect from your New Down Duvet
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What to Expect from your New Down Duvet

Goose down is the gold standard when it comes to choosing a fill for your new duvet. Goose down is light, fluffy, amply breathable, and a wonderful insulator - as is its job in nature. A goose down duvet will provide a spectacular balance of warmth and weightlessness, helping to regulate your body temperature for a blissful night's sleep.

Not to be confused with feather, which is a stiffer material with sharp quills, goose down is the light, fluffy, and soft under plumage that keep geese warm and dry.  It is breathable, moisture-wicking, and super lightweight, which makes sleeping under a down duvet the ultimate sleep experience.  As one customer put it: 

"If I had to choose between giving up chocolate or my goose down duvet I would sadly say goodbye to chocolate. It would be an easy choice."

If you've never curled up with a goose down duvet before, you might not know quite what to expect.  We've compiled a list of answers to common questions we receive from clients about their new down duvets.  Trust us:  once you've slept with a pure down duvet, you'll never look back!  

1.  Re-lofting your Duvet 

You've just removed your brand-new duvet from its package and spread it out on the bed.  Instead of a sumptuous, fluffy cloud, your duvet is looking a little... flat.  This is a common concern, but it is absolutely nothing to worry about!  Your down duvet has been folded and compressed in its packaging for some time, meaning those fluffy down clusters have been flattened and compressed.  They will require some time to "re-loft" and fluff back up to their regular size.

To help re-loft your duvet, lay it out flat and then gently fluff it.  This should be done daily to provide air circulation among the down clusters, which will help bring them back to optimum fluffiness.  Be patient!  It may take a week or two before the duvet reaches its full lofting potential, but you will notice more and more puff as the days go on.

Know Your Loft: Goose down is graded by loft, which is also referred to as fill power or insulating capacity, and refers to the size of the individual down clusters.  The larger the down clusters, the higher the loft value, and the better the down is at insulating per ounce. This means you need less ounces of higher loft goose down to achieve warmth.  In short: higher-loft down duvets will lay flatter and sleeker with a more modern appearance because they require less physical fill to achieve warmth.

2.  Adapting to your Down Duvet

If you've never slept with a goose down duvet before, your body can take some time to adapt.  Down is much more breathable than synthetic fill and much lighter in weight than silk, so there may be an adjustment period.  Down adapts to your body's temperature so it's not too hot in the summer, yet will keep you warm in the winter.  With that said, don't be alarmed if the warmth level of your duvet isn't quite perfect at first!  It may just be your body adjusting.

3.  Keeping your Duvet Fresh and Fluffy

Always use your duvet within a clean duvet cover.  Don't make a habit of sitting or laying on top of the duvet, as this can break the down clusters, making them less fluffy and insulating than they would be otherwise. The same goes for pets! Make sure they're not sleeping or nesting on top of the duvet, as little paws and claws can do damage.

Fluffing your duvet should be done daily so the down fill re-distributes within each baffle box. This will also help keep your duvet evenly distributed within the cover. 

It may surprise you to learn that your down duvet needs to be washed rarely (if ever!).  So long as it is in proper use within a clean duvet cover at all times your duvet will remain clean and fresh.  Should any spills or stains occur, we recommend either spot cleaning your duvet or outsourcing to a professional launderer who specializes in down-filled products. Do not wash at home, as you run the risk of damaging the duvet.

4.  Be confident in the quality of your purchase

All our down duvets are proudly made in Canada and come with a 10-year guarantee* against manufacturing flaws or defects.  They are Downmark® Certified.  Downmark® certification is a globally recognized symbol of quality and is only granted to authentic down or feather products that are finished in Canada.  It is always important when shopping for down-filled products to look for something Downmark® Certified, since this guarantees that the fill is as stated and ensures the fill is ethically sourced.

And there you have it - everything you can expect from your new soft & cozy goose down duvet.  Now that you're armed with the know-how and confidence to enjoy your duvet, you can reap the lasting benefits of a great night's sleep for years to come!