What Does Your Bed Colour Reveal About You?
Between the Sheets

What Does Your Bed Colour Reveal About You?

If your bed could talk, what would it say about you? While we might think that the colour of our bed is just a personal choice or a trend, in reality, it's a reflection of our innermost thoughts and desires. Colour has the unique ability to inspire and excite, heal or agitate. So what does your bed colour reveal about your personality?

Lavato Sophie White

White. Others may walk into your home and see sparseness, but you see a calm and serene space devoid of visual clutter. You are logical, organized, and meticulous in your appearance. Unlike the messiness and clutter of life, your white bed represents purity and is your escape from the chaos of everyday life.

Yellow. You are an eternal optimist. You always see the glass as half full, and wake up on the right side of the bed every morning (even pre-coffee). You're motivated, happy, and cheerful, and more than one person has described you as idealistic. You're pleased with your bold colour choice - it's like listening to a self-help podcast on repeat every morning.

Renato Taupe

Taupe. If you're looking for a good friend, look no further than someone with a taupe bed. Honest and dependable, you value comfort over extravagance, and simplicity over glamour.

Tori Blush

 Pink. With modern life a tangled mess of overflowing inboxes and missed deadlines, your pink bed signifies escape from adulthood, harking back to a more innocent, simpler time. Pale pink is starting to transition in the design world; what was once seen as girly and childish, is now becoming a calming neutral that both sexes can enjoy.

Red. If you have a red bedroom, chances are you live life to its fullest. You're extroverted and confident, and you want your bed to reflect the boldness and energy you bring to life. Red is scientifically proven to increase heart and breathing rates, perfect for those looking to bring extra passion to the bedroom.

Pietra Mineral

Blue. There's a reason that blue is the world's most popular colour. The colour of the ocean and sky, blue is soothing, inducing feelings of calm, serenity, and peace. If you have a blue bed, we're betting that you're calm, reliable, and easy to get along with.

Purple. Fortune favours the bold, and life rewards those with purple beds. If you have a purple bed, you have a strong desire to be unique and different, and you see yourself as glamorous and self-assured. Purple is the colour of passion, creativity, wisdom, and spirituality, and is said to inspire compassion and sensitivity.

Green. Don't be fooled: your green bed doesn't necessarily indicate you're a lover of nature. People who love green have a strong desire to feel secure, in their finances, relationships, and life. You are keenly aware of how others see you, and have a need to feel important and successful.

Milan Plaid

Grey. While some would say that a grey bed is a symptom of being a commitment-phobe, you're making a statement and avoiding colour completely. You're someone who keeps an eye on trends but refuses to fall slave to them. You're reserved and dignified, never emotional or showy. 

Black. You see yourself as sophisticated, urban, and sexy. You have a realistic view of life and a strong desire for control.