The One Thing to Pack in Your Carry-On to Help You Sleep Better
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The One Thing to Pack in Your Carry-On to Help You Sleep Better

You're all packed and ready to get out of town this summer. Sunscreen? Check! Flip flops? Check! Blanket? Wait.... what? With the sun blazing and a hot summer in store, a blanket may be the last thing you ever considered to stash in your travel tote. But if you're looking to make up for lost sleep during the week, a blanket could be that make-or-break item that helps to get you the well deserved nap you need on your plane, train, or automobile journey.

In order to fall asleep - and stay asleep - it's essential that the environment surrounding you is an optimal temperature. The National Sleep Foundation recommends an ideal sleeping temperature of between 15-20 degrees Celsius (or 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit). When you're at the mercy of your surroundings, and the air conditioner is blasting freezing cold air, you're never going to be able to get comfortable enough to truly relax and fall asleep.

Which is why keeping the right blanket on hand is key. Not only will it shield you from the frigid AC when you're trying to nap, but it will help to regulate your body's temperature while you sleep, helping you to stay asleep longer. When you're looking for the perfect travel blanket, look for one that will entirely cover your legs and most of your body. It's also essential to look for one that's lightweight, portable, and easily foldable.

Beyond comfort, psychological factors are at play. Just like a child is comforted by a security blanket, using the same blanket each time while napping on the go can help your brain form positive sleep associations, and can create a conditioned response to sleep as soon as you slip it on. 

Looking for the perfect travel throw? Check out our entire selection of throws here, or check out our top picks below.

Down & Feather Travel Throw

The name says it all! Our Down & Feather Travel Throw is built for this. Easily transportable, this throw will keep your body temperature optimal on airplanes and in hotel rooms alike.


Our Porto Mineral throw is lightweight and ultra-soft, made from textured pre-washed cotton. The soft, feminine blue shade makes it stylish enough to throw over your shoulders as a chic shawl while freezing in the airport lounge, but it's lightweight enough to toss into a purse.

Our Montreal Herringbone Midnight Throw is the most luxe throw around. Knit from cuddle-worthy baby alpaca, this blanket will envelop you in a cozy cocoon - no matter how cold the train gets. Bonus: the sleek dark grey colour goes with everything, and works to camouflage any unavoidable spills. 

Be the embodiment of cottage chic with our Cape Throw (even if your idea of roughing it includes a four star, rather than five star hotel). Made in Canada of pure cotton, this blanket is perfect for all of your weekend adventures, from afternoons out on the dock with a good book, to canoodling in a canoe under the stars.

Just because you're not at home doesn't mean you need to sacrifice style. Our Quebec Light Grey/Oatmeal Alpaca Throw does double-duty with its chic reversible style. 

*First photo via To Vogue or Bust