The Skinny on Silk Duvets
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The Skinny on Silk Duvets

Among the mountains of down and synthetic options for your duvet, often overlooked are silk duvets - a wonderful all-natural alternative for those plagued with down sensitivities and our top recommendation for particularly hot sleepers.

Au Lit Premium Silk Duvet

Our premium silk duvet features a 100% cotton shell and a hand-layered 100% raw Tussah silk fill.

Raw Tussah SilkRaw Tussah Silk, image courtesy of Adelaide Walker

Tussah silk is a wild silk, heavier and stronger than many cultivated silk alternatives, ensuring a quality product built to last. Not unlike its duty in nature, silk wicks away moisture, keeping body temperature even, and naturally repels any build up of mold or mildew. As this duvet is composed of 100% natural materials, it is inherently breathable and an excellent insulator, while remaining lightweight due to the naturally thin and fine silk fibres. These duvets lay much flatter than their down or synthetic counterparts, creating a smooth and sleek aesthetic.

So, is a silk duvet right for you?