Between the Sheets

The (Guest) Suite Life

A guest never forgets the host who had treated him kindly. Homer

Guest SuitePhoto courtesy of Tres Elise blog

The best hosts are the ones that anticipate their guests' needs. Combat a Goldilocks-type scenario with these tips on how to get your visitor suite "just right" for every type of lodger.

Between the Sheets

Is there anything more gratifying than plunging into soft sheets after an exhausting day of travel? A well-dressed guest bed satisfies all: your houseguests will appreciate a cozy place to retire and you won’t have to deal with sleep-deprived acquaintances in the morning.

Keep both hygiene and comfort in mind when selecting sheets for your guest bed. Since the bedding will be used by a revolving door of visitors, opt for white sheets that can be washed in hot water for thorough germ and stain removal. Also, don’t forget to always use mattress and pillow protectors when friends come to stay; this measure will increase the freshness and lifespan of your guest bed.

Loft 2 Line BeddingThe boutique hotel aesthetic of our Loft 2 Line collection is perfectly suited for a guest bed.

Beyond the freshness of sheets, guest beds should accommodate the varied sleeping preferences of their short-term inhabitants. Making the bed with both a flat sheet and a duvet allows visitors to sleep comfortably according to their body temperatures. Likewise, we recommend having blankets accessible for easily-chilled guests.

Dania Down Blanket in SilverOur sumptuous Dania Down Blanket is exquisite on its own or layered with other bedding.


Towels and Toothpaste and Soap, Oh My!

Count on potential packing oversights and stock your bathroom with all the toiletry essentials your visitors may have forgotten at home. Houseguests will always be appreciative of avoiding a walk of shame down the hall to ask you for toothpaste. Line the guest bath vanity with a few necessities labelled clearly for the taking: consider keeping a couple toothbrushes, some disposable razors, and a tube of toothpaste on hand. Storing some bathing basics in the shower is another gesture that requires minimal effort for maximum guest comfort.

Abyss Super Pile TowelsFor soft, fluffy towels that will truly pamper your guests, reach for our Abyss Super Pile Towels.

It’s not every day that you have company, so take advantage of the occasion and spoil your guests. Laying out a plush stack of towels and folding the end of the toilet paper roll into a smooth “v” will make your guests feel as though they have checked into the Four Seasons. If you are feeling generous, pamper your friends and family with a packaged bar of soap or a jar of bath salts. Don’t be surprised if your visitors crown you Martha Stewart’s successor.

The Royal Treatment

Beyond the basics, consider the things that make your guest’s stay luxurious. Fix a small basket of snacks and refreshments, set a diffuser or scented candle on the nightstand, and lay out a cozy robe and slippers. Even a gesture as simple as having the wifi password and a phone charger accessible for guests (especially your millennial visitors) will be immensely appreciated.

Pure Linen Scented Bath Set with Candle
Deck out your bathroom with this linen-scented bath set made in Haute-Provence, France.

Preparing your home for company is a physical way of saying “welcome.” By being attentive to the needs of your guests, you’ll forge meaningful relationships with those who stay over. The only downside of being a hostess with the mostest? Your guests may never leave!


Guest post from our Online Coordinator Intern, Taylor Van Binsbergen.