Q&A: What's Lavato?
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Q&A: What's Lavato?

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If you've been into the shop or poked around the website, you may have noticed that a handful of our collections include the word "lavato" in their name. If you're wondering what on earth that means, you're not alone. The answer, luckily, is a simple one: "lavato" is the Italian word for washed, and thus all of our collections touting "lavato" in their moniker are made with pre-washed fabrics.

Lavato Wall - Au Lit Shop

Pre-washing the fabric serves a few purposes. Firstly, it helps to pre-shrink the items, making the dimensions you take home truer to what the dimensions of the pieces will be after a few more washes. Secondly, pre-washing the fabrics adds a slightly rumpled "lived-in" look, offering the casual simplicity so popular in bedroom design these days. You'll notice all of our fuss-free linens fall under the lavato umbrella.  Lastly, pre-washing the fabrics gets the ball rolling on softening up those fibres.

Sound appealing? Here are a few lavato pieces worth taking a peek at...

Au Lit Lavato Linen White

Lavato Linen White

Au Lit Lavato Nicosia Cloud

Lavato Nicosia Cloud

Au Lit Lavato Contrast Clay

Lavato Contrast Clay

Au Lit Lavato Dimora Grey

Lavato Dimora Grey