Q&A: How to Master Summer Sleeping
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Q&A: How to Master Summer Sleeping

Au Lit Q&A

Q: Help! It's too hot right now to sleep with my duvet, but too cold with the air conditioning to sleep with just a sheet. What do you recommend for summer sleeping?

A: Finding the ideal way to sleep during the warm summer months can leave you feeling like Goldilocks; what won't be too hot, too cold, but just right? Not to worry - we have three suggestions to help you get some decent shut-eye even on the warmest of nights.

1) The Ultra Light Duvet

If you're a summer sleeper that loves to crank the air-conditioner way, way down, an Ultra Light Duvet is the best option for you. Filled with pure goose down (which regulates to the body's temperature), this option will give you the coverage you need while maintaining a featherlight feel on your body. An added bonus: it can be used with your existing duvet cover, adding some fluffy comfort to your bed. 

We recommend our Au Lit Ultra Light Duvet. Made in Canada from 650 loft pure white goose down with a 400 Thread Count Cotton Satin Shell, it's the perfect lightweight option for those who can't sleep a single night without their duvet.

2) A Down Blanket

If you love the idea of a down duvet but find it too heavy for the summer, we think you'll love a down blanket. Like duvets, down blankets are sewn with down fibres enclosed within the layers of the blanket. They're even lighter than ultra light duvets (a Queen down blanket is 16 oz, while a Queen Ultra Light Duvet is 25 oz) and a duvet cover is not needed. Sounds like a win win to us!

We recommend our Dania Down Blanket, filled with 100% pure white duck down. Sewn in a stylish baffle box pattern, it's the perfect mid-way option between a duvet and a blanket.

3) A Cotton Coverlet

If you're someone that values function and style, a cotton coverlet is your perfect go-to. The coverlet does double-duty all year round in the bedroom; acting as a light blanket in the summer (perfect for warm sleepers), and a decorative accent piece in the colder winter months (we recommend folding it at the foot of the bed, hotel-style).

Not only are they breathable and washable, but they're available in a variety of colours, textures, weights, and sizes to match any bedroom decor.

If you're looking for a relaxed coverlet for the guest room or cottage bedroom, we recommend our classic Large Waffle or Washed Waffle options. Check out our entire selection of Coverlets & Blankets to get inspired.