Q&A: Do I Really Need Pillow Protectors?
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Q&A: Do I Really Need Pillow Protectors?

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Q: Do I Really Need Pillow Protectors?

A: It’s been instilled in the team here at Au Lit since day one: if a client is purchasing a pillow, make sure they have a pillow protector! Is it an up-sell tactic? Not at all. The truth is we care about your investment; no matter where you source your protector from, we can’t stress enough the importance of a good quality protective cover (and no, a pillowcase does not count!). Here’s why:
The reality is our homes are crawling with microscopic insects called dust mites. A fairly high percentage of people are allergic to the waste left behind by these little critters. Reactions run the gamut from the sniffles to asthma attacks, so having a pillow protector creates a washable buffer between you and your pillow, preventing irritating reactions.
Also, consider this: we spend approximately 8 hours a night sleeping. This adds up to about 3,000 hours a year! That’s 3,000 hours of hair product, skin creams, perspiration, and naturally produced oils sneaking their way through the fibres of your pillowcase right onto your pillow. A pillow protector adds another barrier between this muck and the cotton shell of your pillow, preventing build-up and discolouration, and all around prolonging the life of your investment.
A good pillow protector should be made of high-quality natural fibre, allowing for breathability as well as comfort. A zipper closure will ensure your pillow is fully encased, protecting every inch. We recommend washing your protectors weekly to keep them in top-shape. Please, don’t skip out on this bedding essential!

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