How to Have The Perfect Spa Day at Home
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How to Have The Perfect Spa Day at Home

Fall has officially arrived, and we couldn't be happier about it. While summer is supposed to be the most relaxing time of the year, between the endless gardening and yard work, long car rides to the cottage, and having the kids home from school all season, it can be anything but. 

Which is why we believe that Fall is the true season of relaxation and rejuvenation. That fresh-start, back-to-school feeling doesn't just have to be for the kids - take advantage of it and make taking care of yourself a priority. Our suggestion? Treat yourself to an at-home spa day.

There are multiple benefits to having a spa day at home, rather than at a day spa. Sometimes it's hard to relax in an unfamiliar space, or you need to be completely alone to truly unwind. Maybe you only have a couple of hours instead of a full day. Whatever the reason, it's easy to transform your bathroom into a luxury retreat with the right ingredients. Follow along for our top tips for creating a truly indulgent spa day at home.

Just as you would for a day spa, book off the time in your calendar and plan the day in advance. Make sure the house is completely empty during that time, and free of spouses, children, pets, beeping phones, or unnecessary deliveries. Spend some time prepping your bedroom and bathroom in advance: make sure these "spa zones" are completely clean and clutter-free; nothing will ruin your spa vibes more than noticing dust, dirt, and debris. You want nothing to stress you out on the day of.

The best way to start your spa day is with a workout. Nothing strenuous; just some light exercise to get your heart pumping and your blood moving. You could go for a brisk walk or jog around the neighbourhood, or do a yoga video at home.

Apotheke Bamboo Reed Diffuser

Kismet Chill Black Lava Salt Soak


Once the workout's over, the relaxation can truly begin. Transform your bathroom into a tranquil oasis with our Apotheke Bamboo Diffuser. With calming notes of white flowers, light moss, white thyme, and bamboo leaves, it's a cult favourite of many spas. Put on soothing music, and fill up the tub with hot water for a long soak (flower petals optional). Put on a face mask before you get in the tub. We love adding a few tablespoons of our Kismet Chill Black Lava Salt Soak to your bathwater. Scented of lavender & rosemary, this woodsy soak is designed to bring you into a state of deep calm and relaxation. Read a book, meditate, or simply close your eyes and let yourself unwind.


Classic Micro Cotton Robe

K. Hall Milk Hand & Body Cream 


After you peel yourself out of the bath, you should already be feeling pampered. Wrap yourself in a luxuriously cozy spa robe (our Classic Micro Cotton Robe is perfect for this) and dry off. While your skin is still slightly damp, make sure to moisturize all over - clean, damp skin is the best for absorbing moisture, and locks it in for a longer time. We love K. Hall's Milk Hand & Body Cream - it's made with shea butter and aloe leaf juice, which give it a rich, moisturizing quality that leaves your skin smooth and silky. 

The night before, pick up a salad or light sandwich so you won't need to worry about making lunch on your spa day. The last thing you'll want to think about is scrambling to put something together for lunch, and dirtying dishes. Put your lunch on your most beautiful spa-inspired white plate and (weather permitting) head outside to enjoy lunch in the sunshine.

Kismet Day Dreamer Relaxing Mist Spray

Silk Eye Mask

After your lunch, it's time for a rejuvenating snooze. Rather than thinking of naps as indulgent, start thinking of them as essential for your health. Naps are proven to improve mental clarity and focus, and improve your mood. Before your nap, spritz your pillow with a bit of Kismet Day Dreamer Relaxing Mist Spray - the lavender scent is proven to help you sleep better. Draw the curtains and envelop your bedroom in darkness to trick your brain into falling asleep earlier, or put on a Silk Eye Mask. Designed to shut out all of the light, an eye mask will help you to fall asleep more quickly (and stay asleep longer!).

Silk Charmeuse Pillow Case

To retain all of the moisture that you've just put into your skin, we also recommend using a Silk Charmeuse Pillowcase. Silk helps your skin prevent wrinkling, can tame frizzy hair, and its natural anti-microbial properties can even prevent acne.

After you've awakened from your nap refreshed and rejuvenated, the rest of the day is up to you! Whether you choose to do an at-home facial, or simply sit by the fireplace and read a book, the point of a spa day is to relax the way that best suits you. For more spa indulgences, check out our Bath collections here.