Five Ways to Decorate the Empty Space Above Your Bed
Between the Sheets

Five Ways to Decorate the Empty Space Above Your Bed

You look to your bedroom as a place to retreat and rest, and you've taken the time to decorate it beautifully. You've painted the walls your favourite colour. You've spent numerous weekends scouting the perfect headboard, quality linens, and a soft rug. Your free time is spent carefully re-arranging your curated assortment of throw pillows. So why does your bedroom feel... not quite done?

The answer could lie in that oft-forgotten space between your bed and ceiling. It's the perfect blank canvas to add visual interest, add a hit of texture or colour, and truly tie the room together. We've rounded up five ideas that will take this negative space from bare to beautiful.


Glitter Guide

Studio McGee

Architectural Digest

Mirrors bring light into a space, helping to make your bedroom look larger and feel brighter. Pro tip: take the available wall size into account when choosing a mirror. If you have a large empty wall, you'll need a large mirror (or a grouping of smaller mirrors). 

Large-Scale Art

Amber Interiors

Paper and Stitch

A single, large-scale piece is art is the best way to bring dramatic visual impact to your space. In an otherwise neutral room, it's a great way to add a pop of colour.

Decorative Wall Hanging

Sarah Sherman Samuel

House of Five

Love on Sunday

Let your creativity shine with an unexpected accent. Once a hippie staple, yarn wall hangings have transformed into a cool modern accessory. Channel your inner adventurer with an African Juju hat. Or bring the outdoors in with a plant-inspired piece.



Coastal Living Showhouse

Functional and beautiful. Show off your personality by filling the shelves with an eclectic assortment of books, plants, or decorative accessories.

Gallery wall

The Everygirl


A great way to add character to your walls. Keep things simple and symmetrical, or play with dimension and space by adding a mix of different frames, shapes, and art styles.