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Down Year Round

Au Lit Fine Linens Duvet - Outdoors

You may find yourself shying away from down fills in the warmer months, but we're here to assure you that down has a place in your bedroom year round. We've got two excellent options for surrounding yourself with cloud-like comfort in the Spring and Summer stretch...without overheating.

Au Lit Summer Weight Duvet

Our Au Lit Summer Duvet - more formally known as our Au Lit Ultra Light Duvet - is a fantastic option for Spring and Summer snoozing. This duvet features the light and airy Canadian Goose Down clusters we've come to know and love, but features less fill so as to keep it cooler (between 18 and 39 ounces of fill, depending on the size). A 100% cotton shell ensures the breathability of this Summer slumber companion.

Au Lit Down Blanket Grid

If the idea of a duvet still seems too steamy for the summer, a Down Blanket is just the ticket. Lighter than a duvet (between 11 and 19 ounces of fill, depending on the size), these down blankets still afford the unbeatable comfort of down while keeping the heat at bay.


BONUS POINTS! Both options are marked at 20% off through April, as our Pillow & Duvet sale forges ahead