Beyond the Bed: Choosing the Right Towels
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Beyond the Bed: Choosing the Right Towels

Is there anything better than wrapping yourself in a fluffy towel after a long, hot shower? We think not. Good towels can elevate an everyday task into a special event, transforming your bathroom into a spa retreat. Just like great bedding, your towels are an investment in your quality of life. To that end, we're breaking down what makes a good towel, and offering some tips on how to care for your towels.

Whether you like your towels thick and absorbent, or light and ultra-soft, all good towels must start with the same base: premium, long-staple cotton. A towel woven from long staple cotton is a towel that will be durable and resilient, able to last through years of use and washing.

How many towels are necessary for each household? At a very minimum, we recommend having two bath towels, two hand towels, and two facecloths per person, depending on the frequency with which you wash your towels. If you prefer a larger size towel, you may want to add two bathsheets. As for guests, we recommend keeping the the same quantity on hand for them. While one of each may seem like enough, many guests need multiples (for example, one bath towel for their hair and one for their body).

Once you've invested in quality towels, caring for them properly will keep them beautiful and extend their lifespan. We recommend washing them in warm water with a mild detergent like Sunlight or Ivory Snow, or a specialty towel wash such as the Le Blanc Verbena Wash. Many commercial detergents contain chlorine bleach, which will weaken towel fibres, fade their colour, and cause them to dry out. Don't overload your washing machine - the friction from too many towels rubbing together can cause the long cotton fibres to break and the towels to pill. After taking your towels out of the washing machine, give them a firm shake before throwing them in the dryer. This will circulate air throughout the loops, resulting in a softer, fluffier towel.

Le Blanc Verbena Towel Wash

Dry your towels on a low heat setting and take them out of the dryer when they're 80% dry; high heat can "cook" the yarn and cause shrinkage and loss of softness. As for fabric softener and dryer sheets - just skip them altogether. Many contain harsh chemicals that can damage your towels, and contain a film that may reduce their absorbency. Once you've removed the towels in their slightly damp state, immediately smooth with your hands and fold to prevent wrinkles from setting in. 


TIP: if you use a retinol face cream or any other medicated creams, you may want to invest in solid white towels. The acid in these products can discolour your coloured towels, or bleach areas of them.

If you haven't yet experienced what it feels like to bundle up in a wonderful quality cotton towel, check out our Au Lit Luxe Towels if you like them thick and absorbent, and our Portofino collection for something lighter and silkier.

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