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Bed Makeover: How to Save $$$

There's no way around it: quality will cost you, and good quality bedding is no exception. We know this can make the idea of a bed refresh overwhelming, but fear not! We've compiled a list of money saving tips to help you get the most value out of your bedding makeover. You (and your wallet) can thank us later.

TIP 1: Budget the big bucks for the essentials. The pieces key to your comfort are the ones to truly invest in; a quality duvet, proper pillows, and at least one sheet set you can't wait to dive into night after night. Think of it this way: while it may be a notable expenditure in one shot, quality pieces are built to last. If you consider the 10+ year lifespan of your investment, it's a no brainer.

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TIP 2: Build a neutral foundation. Your sheeting and duvet cover should be a colour/pattern that plays well with every colour of the rainbow. Keeping your core bedding simple allows you to redesign around these key pieces, swapping out only decorative throws and cushions when a refresh is in order, rather than overhauling the whole set-up.

Au Lit Shop the Look: The New Neutral

Shop The Look: The New Neutral


TIP 3: Don't break the bank on decorative items. It's not hard to fall in love with a $700 hand-beaded throw cushion, but the cost-benefit ratio needs to balance out at the end of the day. Don't get us wrong: decorative items do a lot to elevate the aesthetic of your bedroom, but they needn't cost a fortune, as they're there for looks, not for touch. If it's between a quality sleeping pillow and a hand-embroidered throw pillow, the sleeping pillow should win out every time.

TIP 4: Protect your investment. Just as you would treat a couture top with a bit more TLC than a Gap t-shirt, a quality bed requires quality love. Pillow protectors and mattress pads are non-negotiable, and your laundry habits may need a bit of an overhaul. It may be a slight adjustment, but it's a small price to pay for exponentially extending the life of your linens.

Au Lit Handbook: Linen Care

TIP 5: Stage it out. Your bed makeover doesn't need to be done in one day. Staging it out over multiple weeks or even months will help to spread out the cost and minimize the stress. Start by identifying the key piece or pieces that need immediate overhaul. Is the weight of your duvet driving you crazy? Or the feel of your current sheets against your skin? Start there, and plan to work down the list of priority on whatever timeline is comfortable for you. It's fun to see a timelapse of everything coming together, and builds in some contemplation time to ensure you're making the perfect decisions for your brand new bed.

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