Au Lit Le Blanc Linen Wash
Between the Sheets

Caring For Your Linens

Quality linens are an investment - an investment in a better sleep, and a better quality of life. As with any investment, you want to protect what you've got stake in. You may have to break old habits, but you'll thank yourself for it later. Read on for proper care instructions for keeping your Au Lit linens in top shape for years to come.


Egyptian Cotton Balls

Au Lit linens are made from 100% natural fibres, free from synthetics and chemical treatments. We take pride in the superb quality of our linens - stemming from the superior Egyptian and American Long-Staple cotton, expert Italian weave, and custom construction here in Canada - but they do need some TLC from you to live their best life (think along the lines of how you’d treat a finely crafted piece of couture clothing). With proper care, our linens will only improve with time, becoming softer and smoother for your best sleep ever. We recommend washing your bedding at least once a week.


Le Blanc Original Linen Wash

Our linens are machine washable, to be washed in cold or lukewarm water. It is important to use a mild detergent to prevent fiber damage or discolouration – Sunlight, Ivory, or Le Blanc Linen Wash are some excellent options. Remember, less is more! Use a sparing amount of detergent to prevent product build-up on the fibers (your bedding will still come out squeaky clean – we promise!).

TIP: Cotton satins should take their first bath in cold water, as this will set the fibres to help maintain the natural sheen and prevent future pilling.


Line Drying Sheet

We always recommend hang-drying when possible, whether it be on an outdoor line or on a simple folding rack. We know this isn’t always doable, however; if you do need to use your dryer, we recommend drying your linens at a low heat for no longer than 5-10 minutes.* You’ll want to pull them out when they are still ever so slightly damp, and finish the drying over a shower rod or banister, or even laid out over your bed - wherever they can be briefly placed to finish up drying.

*because our linens are 100% natural fibres, they dry very quickly, which is why it's important to minimize time in the dryer. Too long, and you'll burn the fibres, shortening the lifespan of your linens.


Au Lit 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

If your white linens could use a refresh, soak them overnight in hot water with mild detergent (nothing more!). Natural remedies such as adding vinegar or baking soda in with detergent before washing can be incredibly effective as well.