Beautiful Beds: Unique Finds
Between the Sheets

Beautiful Beds: Unique Finds

We here at Au Lit strive for timeless elegance and ultimate comfort when styling our beds for the season, but our heads never fail to turn when we spot something utterly unique. Check out below some of the wonderfully out-of-the-box beds we’ve had the pleasure of coming across.

"Ness" Bed

We were instantly drawn to the sharp geometric 'cage' structure of the "Ness" bed by Jakob + Macfarlane.

Giant Birdsnest

From cage to nest, we can't resist the sheer charm of this Giant Birdsnest, conceived of for "breeding new ideas" and "inspiring socializing space."

Freestanding Swinging Bed

There's nothing so relaxing as an afternoon spent lounging in a hammock, which is why this freestanding swinging bed instantly caught our eye.

Lomme Capsule Bed

Evoking something between a spacecraft and a relaxing retreat in Bora Bora, we can't look away from this modern capsule bed by Lomme.

Sonic Bed, Kaffe Matthews

The sonic bed, conceived by Kaffe Matthews, is more than meets the eye. This bed is designed with the idea of exploring our perception of sound; climb into the oversized tank and you will literally feel music surrounding you.

Are there any notable beds that have caught your eye over the years? Tweet us @aulitfinelinens with your finds.