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Between the Sheets

Beautiful Beds: Man [friendly] Beds

The world of bedding is not gender specific; after all, we each lay our head down at night, regardless of our chromosomal make-up.

When thinking about bed design you may automatically conjure images of ruffles and frills and mountains of girly pillows, but we're here to change all that. So listen up, fellas - this one's for you: we're focusing on "man [friendly] beds" in this edition of Beautiful Beds.

Au Lit Thomas Grey Grid
1. The classic grid pattern and neutral colouring of our Thomas Grey collection make it a perfectly versatile option for ladies and gents alike.

Au Lit Duet Collection

2. No muss, no fuss - the pure simplicity of our contrasting cotton satin Duet Collection makes it a sultry, if simple, bedding option for all.

Au Lit Milan Plaid Collection

3. Our Milan Plaid just screams cabin (or cottage) living - the perfect place to rest after a long day of outdoors-ing.

Au Lit Shop the Look: Classic Neutral Look

4. Our Classic Neutral look features a simple texture on the coordinating duvet cover and accessories, complemented by a classic houndstooth pattern - not a ruffle or frill in sight.

Au Lit Shop the Look: Tailored Taupe Look

5. Our Tailored Taupe look achieves visual interest by mixing texture and pattern, all while maintaining a neutral monochromatic colour scheme.


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