Beautiful Beds: Black and White
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Beautiful Beds: Black and White

Black and white never go out of style. While colour trends come and go, you'll be thankful for your chic black and white bedroom while others are frantically repainting the bright coral walls that were so hot last season. Unlike seasonal tones, black and white looks great year round, and if you want to incorporate the season's hottest colour it's easy to switch in colourful accent pieces. Whether your style is modern, industrial, or classic, black and white is an easy colour scheme that always looks luxe.

We've rounded up our favourite high-contrast black and white bedrooms to inspire you. Enjoy!

Au Lit Sorbe White/Steel Grey


Style by Emily Henderson




Au Lit Loft 3-Line Collection




Alexander Design


Christine Dovey




Studio McGee


Caitlin McCarthy Design


Studio McGee