An Au Lit Guide to Hostess Gifting
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An Au Lit Guide to Hostess Gifting

Au Lit Gift Guide - For The Hostess

Our mothers always taught us to knock with our elbows - that is to say, don't show up to someone's home empty handed. While a bottle of wine is always a welcome offering, you can separate yourself from the hostess-gift-giving crowd with these lovely hostess gift alternatives...

1. Table linens

While your gracious host may not be ready to incorporate this thoughtful gift day-of, (s)he will surely be excited to break it out when the next set of dinner guests come through.



2. Eye mask

Entertaining can be absolutely exhausting. Usher your hostess into a night well slept after a job well done with a 100% silk eye mask.

Gold Metallic Holiday Eye MaskGold Metallic Holiday Eye Mask


3. Faux Fur Ice Scraper

Honestly, we want to recommend these out-of-the-box ice scrapers for everyone on your list, your gracious hostess included. Not only is it perfectly practical, it's also a wonderfully unique take on a winter essential. Who knew cleaning off the car could become something to look forward to?

Faux Fur Ice ScraperFaux Fur Ice Scraper

4. A candle

In our comforting and relaxing Earl Grey scent, a candle is always a welcome addition to the home.

Earl Grey Candle

Earl Grey Candle