9 Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom
Between the Sheets

9 Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom

If you're an avid reader of this blog, you already know about the factors that can impede your ability to get a good night's sleep, from caffeine to the wrong pillow. But have you ever considered practicing feng shui in your bedroom to help with sleep? According to feng shui principles, making a few small changes in your bedroom can dramatically improve your health, relationships, wealth - and yes, even help you to get a better night's rest.

What is feng shui? Feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is an ancient Chinese art of placement within your home. The arrangement of your furniture and surroundings affects the energy flow of the space, and this energy affects your mental state, physical health, happiness, and success.

Whether feng shui works or not is widely debated, but we can't help but recognize the feel-good factor of many of its theories. In fact, after reading this article, you may realize that you've already been putting these principles into practice simply because they feel right. Whether you believe or not, try adopting a few feng shui tips in your bedroom - your life might just improve!

1. Clear the clutter.

Let's repeat the mantra together - cluttered spaces make a cluttered mind. Whether it's the pile of shoes under your bed, clothes strewn about the closet, or junk on top of your dresser, clearing the chaos can lead to a sense of peace and harmony, allowing positive chi to flow around the room freely.

And it's not just decluttering - dust and dirt create stagnant chi, which can negatively impact your relationships, wealth, or even result in illness. The energy from the things we keep transfer to us; if our bedroom is cluttered with a mess of objects, our mind will be too.

2. Remove all screens.

Everyone can agree that the bedroom should be a serene place that invites rest and rejuvenation. According to feng shui experts, you should remove all electronic items as they create EMF pollution (magnetic and electrical waves that can disrupt your energy flow), causing harm to your immune system and mental state. Avoiding electronics altogether will rid your bedroom of these electrical waves, helping you to sleep more soundly.

While you're at it, make sure to remove anything from your bedroom that is representative of work - be it a desk, computer, cell phone, or paperwork. Work is indicative of the fire element, which is stimulating, and your body won't be able to truly relax in a restful, calm space. Bringing work into the bedroom also changes the nature of the space from a private one to a public one - and who can rest in a public place?

3. Paint your bedroom a soothing tone.


There's a reason that fast food restaurants are painted in bright hues; bold, bright colours energize the nervous system, keeping your brain stimulated and your body in over-sensory mode. Opt for soothing, tranquil colours in the bedroom like taupe, pale grey, and pale blue - remember, it's meant to be a retreat from the outside world, like a spa. 

4. Watch your mirror placement.

While it may be helpful for trying clothes on, you may want to reconsider where that full-length mirror is hanging in your bedroom. Mirrors represent the water element, which adds energy and movement to your bedroom - and can possibly disrupt your sleep in the process.

Many feng shui experts believe that you should never be able to see yourself or any party of your body in the mirror while lying in bed. This goes beyond big mirrors in the bedroom, and also extends to mirrored side tables or silver picture frames within the room. Seeing a reflection of yourself is jarring to your subconscious, tricking your brain into believing there is another person in the room. This constant feeling of pervasiveness can extend to other areas of your life, leaving you vulnerable to strangers interfering with your life, either at work or in your personal relationships. 

5. Where your bed is located matters.

One of the most important elements of good feng shui in the bedroom is the location of the bed within the room. The positive chi should be able to flow freely through the room, and not get stuck on any sharp furniture corners or on your bed itself.

A bedroom with great flow and the "commanding position" (source)

The best position for your bed is the "commanding position", where you have a clear vantage point of the door when you're lying down, but your bed isn't directly in line with the door. This position puts you in a "safe" space energetically; you're not disrupting the flow of chi and good luck through the room, and you also can spot who is entering your space (and therefore, metaphorically see the opportunities or threats that are entering your life). 

Feng shui principles state that under NO circumstances should you place your bed directly across from the door! This is known as the "coffin position" and is associated with death, making it extremely unlucky.

6. Have your bed easily approachable from all sides.

If you're in a relationship or hope to be in one, make sure there is enough room to walk around all sides of the bed. If you're in a relationship, this will help to create peace in harmony in your relationship. You're metaphorically allowing for enough space for both of you to live comfortably in the room. One partner is not given more space, and therefore more importance in the relationship.

If you're single and looking for a partner, resist the urge to push the bed right up against the wall to maximize the space in your bedroom. Creating the flow of energy equally around all sides of the bed will help attract an equal partner, as you're creating a space for them to occupy.

7. Think in pairs.

As the bedroom is the most private space in your home, it's the perfect place to manifest positive romantic and relationship energy. To increase your relationship chi, make sure everything in your bedroom is in twos to symbolize both partners in the relationship.

This best way to do this is with two matching bedside tables on either side of the bed, with two lamps on each one. You could also accessorize with two plants on each side, two matching throw pillows on the bed, or two pieces of art on either side. If you decide to display art or photography in the bedroom - make sure the image contains pairings (for example, a portrait of the two of you or a painting of two trees). Hanging art with a single solitary image will encourage feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Diptyque Tubereuse Candle


To really bump up the relationship chi, add two candles on either side of the bed. Candles represent fire, which translates into passion and intensity. Bonus points if the label contains red or a heart shape - the more romantic things in your bedroom, the more romantic you'll think and feel.

8. Invest in high-quality bedding.

In feng shui, softness and comfort are a priority. Cotton sheets are breathable, allowing for the flow of chi and positive energy throughout your bed and the entire room.

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9. Open your windows.

Keeping your windows open is the key to flowing new positive energy into your bedroom. Even if it's cold outside, opening your windows once per day rids your room of old stale air, promoting airflow and breathing new life into the room.