New Jacquard: Fiano
Between the Sheets

New Jacquard: Fiano

The newest addition to our Jacquard collection, Fiano, is an elegant steel blue and taupe damask backed in our 320 TC Cotton Satin Latte. It pairs beautifully with textures such as our Versailles Latte and Harlow Clay.

Like all of our Jacquards, their iridescent sheen and light weight fabric provide the perfect cover for your duvet. The other interesting thing about Jacquards and Satins is how different in colour they can appear depending on the lighting. Even the colour of your walls or current bedding can change the appearance of these fabrics. Whenever you're unsure of how a fabric might look in your bedroom, we highly recommend requesting a swatch and if it's available, we'll be happy to a send it your way.

Let us know what you think of Fiano in the comments, we always love getting your feedback!

Fiano available at Au Lit Fine Linens