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Q & A: Is it weird that I don't use a flat sheet?

Au Lit Q&A

Q: Is it weird that I don't use a flat sheet?

A: Absolutely not! Using a flat sheet is a matter of personal preference. We've heard from many customers (mainly men) that they don't like flat sheets as it feels too fussy for them. It's much easier to make your bed without a flat sheet and just shake out your duvet and be on your way. A bit of research shows that this is also the European approach to bedding.

The pros of using a flat sheet would be that from a styling point of view it finishes the bed. A flat sheet also serves as a protective layer between you and your duvet cover, which is nice if you don't want to wash your duvet cover as often as the rest of your sheets. If you want to sleep under something that feels nicer than your current duvet cover, a flat sheet can be a smaller investment than purchasing a new duvet cover. Alternatively, we offer duvet covers in all our thread counts and can back our duvet covers in any of our fabrics (Note: For custom orders like this we can give you a quote. All custom orders are Final Sale).

Do you sleep with a flat sheet or without? We're very curious to know!