Q & A: Is there such a thing as “wrinkle-free” sheets?
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Q & A: Is there such a thing as “wrinkle-free” sheets?

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Q: Is there such a thing as "wrinkle-free" sheets?

A: Yes, some synthetic or chemically treated materials have wrinkle-free properties. It's no secret that we're not huge supporters of sleeping in synthetic sheets, our whole purpose is to provide the world's finest cotton bedding!

Sometimes we find that people are a bit afraid of getting cotton sheets since they don't want wrinkling and they don't want to iron. The nature of cotton is that it will wrinkle, but there are a few ways around this.

  1. Don't put your sheets in the dryer! Contrary to popular belief, the dryer will actually create wrinkles (not to mention damage your beautiful linens). We always tell people that if they insist on putting their sheets in the dryer to not put them in for more than 10 minutes. They will be almost dry at this point since cotton dries very quickly.
  2. Hang to dry. Smooth it out with your hand while it's still damp. Not only will this increase longevity, it will also help release wrinkles. 
  3. Fold your linens when they're not in use. It might take you a couple tries, but once you know how to fold a fitted sheet it will be second nature to you. A properly folded sheet will be less prone to wrinkling.
  4. Make friends with your iron. Ironing isn't so bad, really! We usually cheat and just iron a bit of the header on a flat sheet to make it look nice and crisp. 
  5. Get pre-washed sheets. These are sheets that are meant to be rumpled and lived-in, so it looks like you've done it on purpose (ha!). We love our Lavato collection, for it's stylish carefree style.

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