Are You Baffled by Baffle Boxes?
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Are You Baffled by Baffle Boxes?

It's cold outside, and you suddenly realize that you need a new duvet. There are so many options on the market - how do you know what's right for you? Confusing words like loft and fill power tend to make matters worse. No need to stress; we're here to help, and we think that choosing a new duvet should be easy (just like a good night's sleep should be). Take a deep breath and relax - we've got the answers for you.

In today's lesson, we're talking about baffle boxes. Don't let them baffle you! Baffle box construction refers to a method in which duvets are made, where the shell is sewn in stitched squares, or pockets. Each of these closed pockets is stuffed with a uniform amount of down, and when air becomes trapped within the "wall" of each pocket it results in a fluffy, airy duvet.

Beyond the aesthetic advantage of a puffy duvet, baffle box construction is the most practical. Because each pocket is filled with the same amount of down, it ensures warmness and thickness throughout the entire duvet. It also minimizes cold spots, as each pocket is firmly sewn shut and down is unable to migrate from one end of the duvet to the other, or clump in one section.

We always recommend looking for baffle box construction when shopping for your new duvet. Almost all of our duvets feature baffle box construction, with fills ranging from micro-fiber to pure goose down. You can shop our entire duvet section here, or read our Down Products 101 article here for more information about down duvets.

Pro tip: to keep your duvet light and puffy, we recommend shaking it each morning as you make your bed. This circulates air throughout the pockets and helps to fluff up the down.