Q&A: What Is a Coverlet?
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Q&A: What Is a Coverlet?

Q: What is a coverlet?

A: Everyone knows the components of a great bed: sheets, duvet cover, pillowcases, and shams... but is that all? There's one aspect of a beautiful bed that's often overlooked, the coverlet. Not sure what a coverlet is, or why you even need one? We're here to help! We've rounded up our top customer questions about this unique bed topper and answered them below.

Lavato Altea Clay Milk Coverlet

Lavato Altea Milk

What Does a Coverlet Look Like?

Lavato Altea Clay

Coverlets are single-sided blankets that are typically lightweight, and made from a woven or quilted material. You can often find coverlets laying on top of your flat sheet but underneath the duvet, or folded at the foot of the bed. You may already own one and not even realize it! They're known by many names - you may call yours a blanket cover, blanket, or matelassé.

Why Should I Use a Coverlet?

From decorative to practical, the coverlet has many uses. Practically speaking, the coverlet acts as a good in-between for your duvet cover and sheets. It can be used instead of your duvet in the warm summer months, or as a lightweight blanket year-round for warm sleepers.

It's also used for decorative purposes, especially when folded underneath a duvet. Quite simply, the more layers of texture you have on the bed, the more finished and inviting it will look.

How Should I Style My Coverlet? Does it Need to Match my Duvet Cover?

Lavato Altea Clay

This is completely up to you! However you choose to style it, a coverlet works by adding depth, complexity, and texture to your bed. We often style ours on a bed by placing it on top of your flat sheet, tucked into the mattress. We then put the duvet cover on top, allowing the coverlet to peek out - and adding a hint of style to your bed. It's the perfect finishing touch. It doesn't need to match - we love seeing coverlets with an unexpected colour or material. Need some colour inspo? Check out our Find Your Colour page!

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