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If you're still hesitant about what gift to buy this holiday season, you can't go wrong with any of our sheets. We offer authentic quality linens, 100% Egyptian cotton woven in Italy and made in Canada, in a variety of thread counts. We're pretty sure anyone on your list would appreciate a beautiful set of sheets. It's a gift they'll get to experience and enjoy every single night and our guess is that they'll be thanking you for years to come!

Now you just need to figure out which thread count they would prefer. Remember, the higher thread counts are not necessarily better, it's personal preference. The founder of the company still sleeps in 220 TC, because she loves a crisp, cool sheet. (Read our Handbook for more on this.)

Here's a descriptive overview of the different thread counts we offer. Keep in mind, you can always request swatches of any thread counts you're interested in.

220 Percale"Percale" a count higher than 180 threads per square inch makes a crisp, long-lasting sheet, much like your favourite, well-worn cotton button-down shirt. Because of the superior quality of the cotton and weave, our 220 TC sheets will soften over time, but never lose their crispness.

410 PercaleOur 410 TC percale has the perfect balance of a soft, smooth hand combined with the durability and crispness of a percale weave. For those who love the silky feel of cotton satin but the crispness of percale, this is the sheet for you.

800 PercaleOur 800 TC percale is an exquisite blend of softness and density. It makes a cool, crisp sheet with an indescribably soft hand. This is a sheet that has to be experienced to be believed. It is the very embodiment of luxury.

320 Cotton SatinOur 320 TC cotton satin has a silky feel, and due to its unique weave,  it is also much finer than percale. (Which is why it's called cotton satin!) Although cotton satin sheets do eventually lose their sheen after several washes, they will soften over time and start to feel like marshmallows. 

610 Cotton SatinOur 610 TC cotton satin is slightly heavier and more dense than the 320 TC, but has the same luminous, silky hand. Over time, the 610 TC will become softer than you can even imagine.

1030 Cotton SatinOne touch tells you that this is the creme de la creme, a cotton satin sheet that gives the luminous sheen of satin with a substantial, durable weight to it. Our 1030 TC is woven using extremely fine multi-ply yarns in both the warp and weft. All the yarns are counted in order to arrive at such a high thread count.

And we recently introduced the Lavato collection which includes our 250 Lavato Percale.

250 Lavato PercaleOur Lavato Percale is made of 250 thread-count Egyptian cotton, woven in Italy and then pre-washed for a rumpled, easy look. Our washed Egyptian cotton is a brilliant innovation which takes all the fuss out of caring for your sheets, but still offers the cool, crisp hand of Percale.

(Can't decide what thread count to purchase for that special someone? Let them choose for themselves with a gift card!)