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Q&A: What is a featherbed?


Q: What is a featherbed, and why do I need one?

A: In our book, featherbeds are a total game changer. A featherbed is a feather-filled mattress topper that sits on top of your mattress, but underneath your mattress pad. It adds a bonus layer of softness and comfort to every bed - but it will truly enhance your sleeping experience if you have an uncomfortable mattress or futon (or a dorm bed, for that matter). We think it gives the bed a romantic, sumptuous look; many of our customers have reported that it makes them feel like they're "sleeping on a cloud".

So, why aren't featherbeds more popular? For starters, traditional featherbeds get a bad rap. The feather fill - while supportive - is also renowned for poking unsuspecting sleepers in the back with quills! We resolved this issue with our White Goose Down Featherbed, designed with an ingenious down pillow top. The pillow top protects you from painful quills, all while retaining the firmness of the featherbed itself. A truly luxurious experience, in our opinion!


Au Lit Featherbed

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