Fall '15 Trends: An Interview with Joanna Goodman, Owner of Au Lit
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Fall '15 Trends: An Interview with Joanna Goodman, Owner of Au Lit

In our never ending quest to bring you the very best information and inspiration in the world of bedding, we decided to go straight to the source. We sat down with Joanna Goodman, the owner of Au Lit (and bedding guru) to get the scoop about the hottest bedroom design trends this Fall/Winter 2015. 

Q: What are the big bedding trends for Fall/Winter 2015?

J: The hottest bedroom trend right now is texture, texture, texture. We're seeing all kinds of textures for fall and the best part is, you can put them all together. Some of our favourites are washed linen and washed velvet. The washed textures have a casual, rumpled look that makes you want to dive in right now.

Lavato Lapo Fawn

Other textures for fall are the tried and true classics: flannel, jersey, cable-stitch, and fur. We can't get enough fur on the bed; cushions, benches, throws... you MUST have something in fur this season!

Tibetan Grey Fur Cushion

Cable Knit and Chinchilla Faux Fur Throw

Q: What colours are currently on trend?

J: We're still seeing a lot of grey in the bedroom, but this season, softer, more muted "pearl" greys and glamorous silvers have been really hot. We love a "glam" grey, especially in a shimmery headboard, grey furs, cushions, or a super sexy grey wool throw.


Tibetan Grey Fur Cushion

Inca Grey Throw

Another colour that's been on point for fall is a cool greenish-blue that we call Glacier. It's a new, versatile neutral that brings a real serenity to the bedroom.

Carrie Glacier

Q: What fabrics will keep you warm and cozy during colder months?

J: Flannel and jersey are definitely the warmest and coziest going into the cold winter months. That said, cotton is cozy and wonderful all twelve months of the year.

Coal Flannel