Jo's Current Crush: Coal
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Jo's Current Crush: Coal

I love coal. Not the sedimentary rock (that's right, I know the word sedimentary) but the colour. Coal is what we call that shade just shy of black. Deeper and more dramatic than grey, but than black. Let's say it's the "new black." I think you get the picture. 

I am particularly obsessed with this palette: coal, white and blue (as if you didn't already know. See my bedroom.)  I also love coal in a more eclectic context, not the modern, sterile style one might expect. Herewith, some of my favourites:

Lavato Bedding

Redford Bennett Bed

Area Home

Our Wooden Spindle Lamps & Hardtail Robes

Labyrinto Steel & Sky Bedding and Loft.