When to save and when to splurge...
Between the Sheets

When to save and when to splurge...

When it comes to your kids' rooms, guest rooms or the cottage, it can be difficult to know when to save and when to splurge. If you're like me, you want to create a beautiful space that's comfortable, easy to care for and designed with some longevity in mind.

Colour on a Budget
The first thing most people think about when creating a bed is the duvet cover. It's all about finding a colourful pattern they currently like. This isn't a bad way to begin your search if you're not on a budget, but keep in mind you may save over time by selecting a more neutral duvet cover for the base of your bed. You can still introduce loads of colour and prints using shams, cushions, blankets & throws. These are much cheaper to replace, so you won't feel nearly as bad swapping them out in a year's time.

Comfort First
Definitely invest in the sheets! If it's for your kids and they're set on a super bold pattern, then go with something a little more affordable for the duvet cover. The cover will never touch their skin, but the sheets will, so that's where you'll want to invest in quality. Still concerned about giving your kids quality sheets? There are some affordable options like jersey & flannel that are great for kids and also super soft. Our jersey organic sheets retail for $143/Twin and flannel $121/Twin. Good sheets can last years and years, and can go with the kids to college, or eventually into a guest room or cottage. Spending a bit more on sheets now is better value in the long run. (And don't you want them snuggling up against the best possible cotton?)

Synthetic or Down
Down is definitely my first choice when it comes to comfort. However, if your cottage tends to be damp or the kids still have the occasional "accident", synthetic pillows and duvets are a great option. They're also very affordable and washable. I would also recommend using synthetic for kids under the age of 5 or if they have severe allergies or asthma. (But keep in mind, quality down products should be hypo-allergenic which means they're cleaned properly and shouldn't cause any reactions).

If you're looking for good synthetic products, we've found Micromax products to be a great down alternative - the synthetic is blown in as clusters, just like down for a similar feel. The duvets start at $144/twin and pillows $41/standard.

A large part of knowing when to save and when to spend a bit more is about making good long term decisions. Splurge on the products you foresee having for years to come and save on the stuff you know you'll probably get sick of in the short term.

When do you save and when do you invest? Leave a comment or let me know on Twitter or on Facebook!