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Just Sayin' much do you spend on coffee?

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that in addition to my sheet addiction, I'm also addicted to coffee. Starbucks, to be precise. I have two grande lattes a day, for a total of $9 a day. So let's assume you're far more reasonable than I am and you only have one grande (or venti?) latte a day. Let's say on average you spend about $5 a day on those yummy lattes. That works out to about $150/month. Yup. For coffee. I happily choose to spend that money because I love my lattes and I am a passionate "quality of lifer." Quality of life means everything to me...whether it's a good night's sleep in a wonderful bed, or my morning coffee.

How much do you spend on your daily coffees? And what about on your bed? I know you know this, but you spend ONE THIRD of your life in bed! I'm just sayin....Leave a comment or let me know on Twitter or on Facebook!