How to Store Your Linens
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How to Store Your Linens

No matter how beautiful your linens may be, or how much you love them, sometimes it's just not feasible to use them year-round. Whether you're a fan of flannel sheets in the winter, or have a dedicated set of linens for the cottage, chances are that you may have to store your linens for at least half of the year. To keep your linens in pristine condition while being stored long-term, follow our tips below.

If you don't have the luxury of a dedicated linen closet, not to worry! Any area in your home that is cool, dry, and well-ventilated is well suited for storing your bed linens. As practical as under the bed storage may seem, try to avoid storing your linens in plastic containers or boxes. The lack of breathability can cause your cotton linens to permanently yellow or streak.

Linens should be wrapped in white cotton or muslin while they're being stored. One easy tip: after folding, store each set of linens in one pillowcase from the set. Each set will be easily organized by collection, room, or colour. If you're a fanatic about order, try investing in a separate set of monogrammed pillowcases, each bearing the initials of the individual whom the sheets belong to. You'll easily be able to identify the set you're looking for while providing neat and tidy storage.

For the ultimate in storage organization, try our Duvet Storage Bags. Made in Canada from 100% breathable cotton, they're the perfect way to organize your linens by room, threadcount, or colour. One storage bag accomodates a duvet or full set of sheets, from Twin all the way up to King. These bags fit neatly in your linen closet, or can be easily toted along to the cottage or off to university.